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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Question of the day returns!!

Where has the year gone? Wasn't it summer yesterday? (Although this week is calling for temps in the 60's it's still the Ho-Ho-Ho-est time of the year!)
I've been a 'bad blog writer' and if I want some new electronic devices from "The Big Man." (And I don't mean my hubby because that Big Man's money comes from the same checking account as mine) I better start being a "good little blog writer" to earn some presents!
So......Question of the day is:
1. Christmas you take them?
Casual or professional?
Stress you out as a mom because they must be all matchy-matchy, smile big, make sure your lips aren't chapped, everyone look at the f'in camera nowish picture? (I have no experience myself in the former sentence---I only presume what completely stressed out mothers must act like!)
Here's a sneak peek at some photos for the Christmas card this year.....only a few of my favorites will actually get the whole card/photo deal....who am I kidding.....if you want one, give me your address...I'll be glad to throw one in the mail to you!
Just return the favor then...nothing's worse then opening up the mail box and getting nothing but bills.

Seriously cute! I swear Squawkers is someone from my family reincarnated. She has to be!
Emily! No Emmitt this year---makes me sad.

What? Your chickens don't read Christmas stories?


Reading a letter from Elfie and Elfetta---if you look closey at the "fairy door" there is a very tiny elf there. The bigger elf needed the day off to work extra shifts at the North Pole. Some Elves are dressed as Santa today at variuos places.
 (And yes that's a litter scooper in the backround photobombing my pic---at least it's brand new)
 Example of "LOOK AT THE CAMERA"!!!!!!! Not one face in this photo is looking at me? What is so exciting happening all around me?!
Stay tuned for the real photos............ more quick note. Go to There are reindeer and Santa comes to feed them several times a day---like REAL reindeer! It mesmerizes me!
Love ya,


  1. Awww this was a good read!!!!! My only suggestion for your a very small one....turn off the date! It's photobombing your awesome pictures! LOL. :) we do not do photos because we don't have kiddos to MAKE do photos. Ha. Maybe we should both buy grinchy shirts and do it with just us. A nice, awkward photo that makes everyone who receives it....well....a bit uncomfortable. That seems right up my alley. ;)

  2. Good idea on the date thing...except that requires me to actually try to remember how to set it to off on the camera---tech impaired here! And you could totally rock some ugly Christmas sweaters and make duck faces and mail it out--that's fridge quality in my household!