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Monday, August 27, 2012

Newspaper article!!

Mommy in the dale made the paper!!!
It was in the Connellsville Daily Courier on Monday, August 27, 2012.
Welcome to the new viewers brought here by the article!
Scroll though my posts to see completed and available furniture pieces. 
If interested or in need of further information, call me at 724-989-0689  or reply here.
Welcome and thanks for the view!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekly Reflections 8/26/11


1. Things no one ever says: I hate vacations.
2. You can get up early to beat traffic but you can't beat mother nature. Glad I wasn't driving in the terrible rain.
3. I can sleep anywhere when I'm tired.
4. Vacations are so much better when there is a washing machine and dryer. Makes coming home so much easier.
5. My kids act up in the car when radio Disney is on. Put on Lithium (90's grunge) and they amuse themselves with various electronics.
6. I thought it was bad when my dogs follow me everywhere. Now my chickens do when I let them out.
7. I am a parent of a 1st and 5th grader...wha??
8. School starting is a confusing emotion for me...oh to be happy or sad?
9. My friend Nicci Bard doesn't know who Honey Boo-Boo is..... This is just not right!

That's all for this week. What have you learned?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekly reflections: 8/19/12


1. A washed and waxed floor is sure to draw every child within a mile onto it before it dries.
2. You must need to be a certain type of weird to work at Game Stop.
3. The Old Navy 90210 commercials make me want to watch the show all over again!
4. Perhaps someone should tell my email I have no penis in which to enhance.
5. It takes a special kind of asshole to abuse animals. Perhaps, those people should be put to sleep.
6. I can't wait for Honey Boo-Boo's mom to go all Kate Gosselin with her fame!

That's all for this week. What can you reflect on? Share!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekly reflections 8/12/12


1. I have way too many random teeth hidden in drawers, it's gross.
2. Is it now acceptable to talk on the phone while peeing? Because a girl did just this thing while I was in Barnes & Nobles restroom.
3. My chickens are not duds after all. Yea, for eggs!!!
4. Honey boo-boo has got to be the funniest show on tv.
5. The Walmart electric cart shopping drivers need to pass a drivers test. They are dangerous.
6. I learned that no matter how much you try you can not make people change and when tragedies occur you can't blame yourself. I just need to keep telling myself this until it sticks.

That's all for this week. Enjoy your week and share something you've learned!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekly Reflections. 8/5/12


1. Scottdale community yard sales are as much about community as they are sales. This makes me very happy to live here.
2. A stranger at a yard sale recognized me by my blog and then said it was like meeting a celebrity. How cool is that??
3. When will macrame make a come back? Come on Aunt Debbie and Aunt Donna, revive this lost art!
4. Still no stinkin eggs! Maybe I got dud chickens.
5. Remember colored toilet paper! Ha, stylish T. P.!
6. And glamour shots... I still laugh when I see people with this as their FB profile pic!! People should not rock leather and feather boas in profile pics, geez!
7. Not being invited to family gatherings and picnics is just plain mean. And then it causes friction between Rich and I.
8. PMS sucks at any age. I could just punch someone and then cry.

That's all this week. Share some reflections you have!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Some fancy dresser examples

Here is the collection of dressers with custom made, original designs. After the dressers were painted, then scrap book papers were cut and adhered to furniture, designs were painted to complete the look. The paper is firmly adhered to dressers so adequate cleaning can occur. Pieces are usually finished with clear coat/poly or wax. I can usually replicate a design you have in mind, nursery crib sets are adorable! My favorite designs are hootie owls, which are so popular right now!

Furniture finish examples of completed upcycles. Samples.

Picture Collection of completed projects that I have upcycled. These are good references of paint finishes available.

Duck egg blue Annie Sloan chalk paint
Dark wax for aged look, especially noticable on bottom of cabinet.

The back of this cabinet had fabric material put in it.

Paint is granite, Annie Sloan chalk paint, clear and dark waxed, also highly distressed for aged look.

Sofa table done shabby chic. White chalk paint, glazed and dark waxed.

Massive zebra bureau.
Black and white chalk paint, clear wax. No distressing. Original, free handed zebra paint.

Bedside table, cocoa Annie Sloan chalk paint, clear wax, slight distress.

Red table, red primer Annie Sloan chalk paint, dark waxed.

White chalk paint, clear wax, distressed for shabby chic, chippy paint look.

Top is stenciled and clear coated for protection.

Updated microwave cart, red Annie Sloan chalk paint, glazed and dark waxed.

Cream painted, crisp, no distressing, clear waxed dresser.

Duck egg blue Annie Sloan chalk paint, dark waxed cabinet

Turquiose Blue stand was made to look chippy and highly distressed for shabby chic look. This was done with a spray paint.

Wooden tool box, variety of paints to look old and well used.

Sanded, repaired, and restained and clear coated stand.

Bottom was old white chalk paint and top was stained on this kidney shaped side table.

This stand went through many layers of paint to achieve this look. It was originally dark stained, then painted red then this blue/grey color topped it off. Sanding revealed the many layers for the look of an old, antique piece.

This dresser was chalk painted then dry brushed with stain to create a country primitive old look.

This dresser was stripped and top and drawers were stained and side were chalk painted cream.

Pure white antique bureau was distressed and clear waxed for a crisp, clean look.

That's it for now. I will add other posts on specific pieces and projects, but this gives a general idea of finishes available for any furniture you would like upcycled.
For more information contact me at 724-989-0689

Park it here! Chairs, stools, and benches upcycled

A collection!
Here is a photo collection of chairs, benches, and stools I have painted and reupholstered to upcycle. If you are interested in a fresh new look for you seat, contact me at 724-989-0689 or