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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Funny pics drop....

I'm doing a phone funny clean out! Enjoy! 

What I learned 3/30/14


1. Every. Single. Morning. I walk into the bathroom after my boy child showers and get my clean socks wet. Every. Single. Morning. 

2. I can always gauge how hectic our week was by the number of pizza boxes at for the garbage Friday. 
3. The girl child dislikes pizza. Said we eat it too much...imagine that. 
4. My kids didn't get the flu this winter, but both have a serious case of 'annoying'. Is there a cure for this? 
5. I have two chickens I call Thelma and Louise. These chicks always are up to no good and are escape artists. 

6. Winter is a real bitch. She needs to die with hot temps and sunshine. 
7. My attic is a crazy mess. I really need to deal with it. I really don't want to. 
8. Taco Bell seems like a terrible start to the day. 

That's all I learned this week...what have you discovered? Enjoy your week!! 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

What I learned 3/16/14


I missed last week....slow learning week I guess. 

1. McDonald's is the center of gossip. I heard more about old people and their health than I could if I was a nurse at the hospital. 
2. More "older" people need better hearing aids. 
3. The best statement from my niece when pointing at her legs is: "these legs will have nothing on them come summer!" Meaning dresses only. I love this child! 
4. You can learn a lot from missionaries. 
5. I have never cried so much at Walking Dead as tonight's episode. Total bummer. 
6. I'm doing a 40 day/40 bag clean out for lent and I'm well on way of clutter free!! 

In other news I have no idea how to fold fitted sheets. Like I think they should teach that in wife class...I mean home ec 
7. Please Letang never cut your hot sex hair. And come back soon. 
8. Philly fans are douche bags. Proof:

That's it for this week. Enjoy!! 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

French provincial set

4 piece set 
French provincial set
All well made, solid, working order. 
49" long, 17 in depth, 32" height on long dresser. 
2- 21" width, 17 in depth, 26" height on night stands 
Tall dresser 
54" height, 18" depth, 21 1/2" width on tall dresser 

All painted in cream/off white shabby chic color to match all decor. 
Slightly distressed with glaze and clear wax. 
The tall dresser is slightly different. It can be sold separately if desire. 
Located in Scottdale. You are welcome to see before purchase. 
All 4 pieces $275.00 total. 
Tall dresser is $100.00 
2 night stands $100.00 together. 
Long dresser $125.00. 
See more at including before and after.