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Sunday, July 27, 2014

7/26/14. What I learned...


1. This week on Jimmy Kimmel Snoop Dogg admitted to smoking marijuana in a White House bathroom. In other news, where hasn't Snoop Dogg smoked weed at. 
2. The girl child's ambition is to go to college in………Ohio. I told her to keep dreaming big 

3. Never take two kids to a huge flea market. I contemplated renting a scooter for boy child and a stroller for girl child. 
And where's the monkeys for sale at??! See more on my love of monkeys on my other blog about Roger's!🙉

4. In other words, when's school back in? 
5. Random thoughts of panic that I forgot something or to be somewhere strike me at the strangest times. 

6. 8 loads of clothes to sort, fold, and put away it a lot of clothes. 
7. Why must the cat climb on my head at night and bite my fingers to pet her. She's plotting my death, no doubt. 

(Plotting my demise) 

8. And why doesn't said cat (Emily) just let my children pet her. She's really missing out of their pets. They are much better than me. 
9. I have a new obsession with lipstick. This is huge for a Chapstick girl. 
10. When you fall asleep with the tv and your glasses on and wake up with one lens popped out you immediately think you've been blinded (or perhaps the cat clawed your eye out).  Weird 
11. I really wish my bedroom was more spa like, serenity-like instead of a dumping grounds for everyone's crap. 

That's it this week...what have you learned? 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Roger's Flea Market Review

Headed to Roger's Flea Market today. It's in Roger's, Ohio, right across PA border. It's about an hour and 45 minute drive. It's only open on Friday's. It's a nice drive and a huge flea market. I go several times a year. This time I went with my parents and kids. Thanks Daddy-O for driving, while I slept on way to and wrote this blog on way home. My biggest mistake was taking my two kiddos. My children do not do activities which require them to wake early then walk all day. About 10 minutes in they were: "bored", "hot", "feet hurt", "there's too many people".... Really the list of complaints could run much farther than what I hauled home. I tried to give them away, but alas others saw their useless, complaining ways and they were unwanted. I told myself (and them) about a million times to take a deep breath and start over their attitude. It didn't work. 20 minutes into the place I knew my only saving grace was to focus on the huge bottle of wine I was going to get on my way home. 
If you have never been to a large flea market, it's a perfect place to get lots of stuff that in the spur of the moment (and in heat and sunshine) you've got to have!! This usually comes in the form of knock-off purses and puppies, both of which are fairly plentiful at Roger's. 
I'm glad to report that neither of these objects made their way home to the 'Dale with me. I made it abundantly clear that no such object that has a heart beat will be coming home with us, unless it was a monkey. If they sold monkeys I was totally buying one. Loving it, hugging it, and calling it George. monkeys. Lots of pups, a few kittens, some chickens, lots of rabbits, and even a peacock (I kid you not). 
Purses were a bust too because the Feds, sheriffs and local police department descended on the place today and busted them. Total bummer for me looking for a new work bag. I got to see lots of boxed up stuff for evidence of homeland security. I overheard one foreign guy who was busted say this was his 12th time. Obviously they need harsher penalties if they really want to stop counterfeit products. the topic. I did find a nice Land's End canvas bag for $5.00. Cute minty color. Needs cleaned up a little but I can do that. I'm thinking it might have been their diaper bag version but I don't know. Whatever. Cool, cheap, classic bag. 
Also got a new Vera Bradley computer sleeve. Sometimes I just want to put my computer in my work bag and not in my Vera hard-covered  bag. This is much smaller. $10.00

I also hauled a ton of health, beauty, and cleaning products. These are generally set up to sell by what I assume is extreme couponers. Truthfully, I am very overwhelmed at couponing and I just don't do it. I use a lot of home remedy cleaners (I. E.: vinegar). So when I can get products cheaper than at Walmart or discount store and couponers make some money too it's a win/win, stress less deal for me! 
I got some Rescue Remedies Pastilles, sleep aids and stress gum. I've used the Pastilles. I've ordered them from Amazon. Around the same price I paid for them. I can't always find them locally so.... 
Anyway the Pastilles never seemed to do much for me. Worth another try I guess. The stress relief gum has to help at work. Worst case scenerio I'll be chewing that stuff like nicorett! 

Like the new bowl...paid $3.00 at a yard sale for it!  Some bananas very be used as banana bread tomorrow. Others will get eaten freely over weekend. All for $1.00--pretty good deal! 

Also at Roger's I always get fresh produce. I posted earlier on Facebook that my children need some fruits or vegetables or I'm certain they will come down with rickets or scurvy (or some other made up crap some mother said to get her kids to eat their vegetables). We are still without a normal working refrigerator following the "great power surge that West Penn denied all responsibility for".  (Assholes). We have the ONE  BRAND that will fit in the refridge hole space in the world ordered but....thank you Lowe's (assholes too!!.....I'm in a mood. It was my kids that put me in the mood, yo...) the ONE BRAND will be 4 more freakin' weeks until delivery. 4 more long weeks. (Poor girl child told me she just wants cold milk). I'm about to go all dorm-sized purchase for the time being to have cold diet Pepsi and yogurt. 
So....back to Roger's: get your name brand cleaners, hair stuff and coupon deals minus the hassle of coupons stuff there! 
I usually find sand paper but this time I found: 
Lots of Krylon spray paint. Like two fisting quantities of paint!  

Since I brought the kiddos I had to make some sort of purchase for them (just to shut them up!). Girl child picked a hair bow that I'll DIY with the perfect Scottie button on. ($5) 
New sunglasses are mine----beach!!!!! $5.00 a pair. 
Girl child got some school stuff-undies, belt, areo sweater 

Boy child picked military patches (??) I don't know. I think that's what they are. Truthfully, what the hell does a 12 yr old whining boy at the flea market get. (3/$5) 

I wanted to take a picture of them but not sure where they are. They might have went home with my parents accidently. 

Ask them both what they got and I'm certain neither will remember either thing. What they will remember (and have reminded me a dozen times) stupid gum. I let them pick 5 packs each (12/$10). 

They thought they were going to hoard those packs all up in their 'Dale bedrooms....nope. Because they will chew 10 pieces at a time then I'll find huge wads on the bathroom floor near the garbage cans...never quite making into the actual can. Nope, nope, nope. I hid that stuff immediately. Here's some fresh veggies......go!! 

The girl child and I got socks. I think they were 4 packs/$10. Whatever the price it's worth every penny to not have to match socks from the basket in the house. 
Sundress $10 for me. Not sure what it will look like on but I was itching for new clothes. 

The only other thing I try to get when I go out to this flea market is my dog's food. I feed her expensive, grain free, high quality food. I'd tell you the name but I never remember I just get it at Tractor Supply. It's like $50 a bag and never goes on sale. Whatever...she's my best friend. Anyway for some reason 2 places always has that expensive dog food but never the kind I need. I could have bought her similar but truthfully it was hot, the bags were big and I didn't feel like lugging it threw the market. It was crowded there. 

I also splurged on a new candle and soap. This person has poison ivy soap I get every summer and swear by it. I LOVE the Lemon Verbena scent. Got the candle, soap, and goat milk lotion (which I also swear by!). I'll take a bath later, light the candle and class it up by drinking my wine from a glass and not the bottle!  

This is an old photo of my fav wine. I actually keep the photo in my phone to remember the brand when at state store. 

BTW... I totally wanted to hunt down a local Dollar Tree to see their out of state loot but my driver (doesn't that make me sound rich!! I. E.: the Dad-ster) wanted no parts of my Dollar Tree obsession. 
That's about it for Roger's. It's a grand ol' time. Better people watching than the Comet or Parry-O.  Check it out...but take me with you...I'll leave my kids at home (with my parents!!) 

Guess where I stopped when picking up dinner:: 
D. T.!!!!!!

New wine glasses--plastic, cause I'm classy like that (or prone to breakage!) 

Lastly, here's my monkey from D. T. It's supposed to be all fancy solar powered and swing but nope he just sits there. I look at him. He looks at me. No poo to clean up! 

Until later...much later...I'm
Going to bath and go to bed! 
-Mommy in the 'Dale 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

7/20/14 What I learned


1. I'd gladly give up my gym membership for a once a day nap cot space. 
2. This was my first experience with the M. P. Relay for Life. The Girl Scouts and I volunteered. It was humbling, especially seeing so many candle lit luminaries of those lost as a memorial tribute. Yet enlightening to see them also in honor of those who fought and won or are fighting the war on cancer.  Truly a festival of fellowship against all those affected by cancer. 
3. Ordering large appliances just straight up sucks. 
4. No one tells you how much you'll miss ice in your drink until you have no ice. 
5. Why can't I just stop buying and wearing white pants, capris, and skirts. I'll never learn. 
6. My son is the most straight laced, rule following, honest child ever! 

That's all for this week.... Until
Next week....keep reflecting 

D. T. Loot

My Dollar Tree Weekly Loot unfortunately didn't come from M. P./Scottdale store. I've came to realize ours is really sub-par on grand D. T. experience. Anyway here's some of my great deals: 

Lady bug dust pan...hello certain to give chore of sweeping a smile! 
Scottie dog paw print containers. I'm
Going to head back for a few more this week. They are going to be perfect Christmas presents for teachers, bus drivers, etc. I'll add candy and vinyl sticker with their name. 
The lemon ammonia was $1.00. Even if not the greatest cleaner it was $1 for the gallon. 
2 piggy scrubbers. One for me. One to gift. I'm always going through these scrubbing paint off my hands and nails. 
Duck & shark small dust pan and sweeper brush. One to keep. One to gift. No clue how I'll pick which one of these cuties. 

No D. T. trip is complete without health and beauty lovelies! 
New brush. Somewhere in our house is missing socks and brushes. 
3/1 paint polish, pen to draw fine lines, and sparkles. They are scented too!! 
Maybelline fake nails. Cute for $1.00. 

As I follow Instagram pics of D. T. Loot, bloggers, And now YouTube posts my lists of desires and wants is growing! 
Have you found any deals at Dollar Tree or anywhere else? Share!! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Next project inspirations

These are my next two inspiration pictures. I'll be working on two similar pieces of furniture over the next few days and will post when completed. Stay tuned......

Red Dresser

This dresser was in sorry shape. 
It needed really cleaned. It had maple syrup spilled on the top which took some elbow grease to remove. But it smelled so good! 
It all needed sanded then cleaned again. 
I stripped the top, even though I think the inspiration picture was solid red. 



 Stained top with clear poly

Dove tailed solid drawers 

Completely solid wood. 

46" width, 36" tall, 20 1/2" depth 

I'd really like the $435 price like the inspiration piece from etsy. But I'll take $175.00!  I have this at my Scottdale home, if it gets moved to my booth I'll alert. 
Call or text if interested. 

Beachy side table inspiration

I love the beach and it's usually our yearly vacation spot. This year our vacation isn't until the beginning of September. I must be yearning for it when I decided to paint this side table this way. 
My inspirations come from everywhere. A lot from Pinterest. Some from Instagram. Some from magazines or HGTV. 


It's available at Saturday's Treasures. 

Inspiration piece with photos

Cricket side table has three sides that when down are a triangle. When sides are up with a slight turn it's a circle! I thought it was neat it was called a cricket table. Apparently they are rather rare! 

Available at Mommy in the 'Dale booth at Saturday's Treasures 

New things at Mommy in the 'Dale booth at Saturday's Treasures

As of today, 7/16/14 this is my booth and what's available. I'm trying hard to remember prices so here's my best recollection!! 
Pink owl dresser on sale $75
Red chalkboard desk $30.00 
Two end tables with fabric $60 pair 

Ladder/Chair in green tyme with glaze $30.00 

Peach shabby chic chair whichs folds $25.00

$30.00 chair/chalkboard 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

7-13-14 what I learned


1. My dog has no ability to turn around on the stairs. She has to go whole way up or down to reverse. 
---but she's cute, so I'll keep her! 

2. When you paint when the sun goes down until the sun comes up it makes for a long day. 

3. I have heard the words "Lebron James" much more than I've ever needed to in the last week. This story can die now. 
4. Refrigerator shopping sucks. 
5. No refrigerator sucks more. 
6. Finding out it will take over 2 weeks for the only fridge that will fit in your fridge space in your kitchen sucks the most.

That's it for this week...what have you learned?