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Sunday, January 10, 2016

What I learned 1/10/16

What I learned 1/10/16 

1. I need and anticipate snow delays as much or more than my kids. 
2. No matter how many times I make my kids come from various places in the house to shut a cabinet or dresser door or shut off a light, they never learn to just do this. 
3. When you order a new dishwasher it will come in a day after you get stitches in your hand from hand washing glasses. 

4. The job of a welfare mom has many hazards and no workmans  comp. 
5. I'm officially reached the age of having children that are embarrassed of me. Game on. 
6. The house has gotten De-Christmased but the dog still is sporting a Christmas scarf. Someone Un-Christmas the dog please. 
7. I have the strangest sleep patterns.  Why can't I just sleep normal?! 
8. Single parenting is super hard. 
9. Steelers games raise my blood pressure. 
10. I've not reflected on what I've learned in far too long! Welcome back! 

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