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Sunday, June 9, 2013

6/9/13 weekly reflections.


1. Why in parking lots do people lose all sense of traffic patterns and signs? 
2. Chickens are too fat to sit on robin eggs. They will crush them. 
3. Sleeping chicks look like they are dead. 
4. I always fall in love with the tv weirdos. Honey Boo-Boo, Si. 
5. I may have more paint stained clothes than not. 
6. I can't sleep in anymore. And I can't stay up past 11.  I am officially old. 
7. I have an entire folder in my phone of tattoos I want. Yet, I always seem to never want to spend the money on them. 
8. This time next week I better have a pool. Also guaranteed next weekend will be 40 degrees. 
9. There is ALWAYS laundry to do. 

'til next week. Enjoy!!! 

More For sale furniture.

37" tall, 37" wide, 8" depth. 
3 shelf. Solid wood. 
Black, then dark stain over it with poly.  
Slightly distressed for aged, shabby look. 
Located in Scottdale, but willing to meet. 

Solid wood up-cycle. Cream/beige chalk paint and clear waxed. Top of dresser was stripped and stained. New silver knobs. 
45" tall,  35" wide, 18" depth
Located in Scottdale, but willing to meet. 

Call 724-989-0689 or email 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Carla does crazy!!

It started off as a plan old end table. Nothing fancy. Enter a good friend that moved back to PA (who is an artist also see Nicci's Etsy shop at

She makes great trinket earrings and necklaces to match your style. Perfect for sports fans or kids parties/gifts). We sport her stuff and love it. It made a perfect Christmas gift for kiddos at school.  

She bravely gave me free artist range to do what I wanted. I knew just the thing I was dying to try. Enter...crazy fun! 
It was painted different on each part then clear coated. No chalk paint on this baby. Good ol' regular paint.  I hope she likes it and gets it soon, as girl child is dying to make it her's!!!  
I can replicate a similar version of crazy on any furniture if this is the style you like!! 
Contact me at 724-989-0689 or for more details. Hint, hint...,Ikea bland is perfect for this up cycle!! 

I'm a painting fool! Currently for sale.

So in desperate need if reclaiming space.  Shed is full, basement is full, porch looks like I'm in process of moving. So today I got busy! It was a perfect day to paint. Stay tuned for a posting of an antique hutch in black, 5 shelf bookshelf, dresser, and more!! I'm on a roll!! 
Here's what I have completely for sale. 
Beachy themed side table. Complete with think twine rap. $25

Side/end table with drawer. 

3 piece set. 

Grey chalk paint with wax. Slightly distressed. New upholstery with a variety of colors on 2 solid chairs. 
Stand is 26 in tall. 18 in wide and 14 1/2 in depth. One drawer. Good durable shape. Matches paint on chairs. Great for a game room, living room, child's room or entrance way.  
$100.00 for all 3. 
Desk/ behind couch sofa table! $125.00
Hope bench with storage. $50.00

Contact me at 724-989-0689 or if interested. 

Off to paint Sunday again and will be listing more. Stay tuned!! 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Once upon a time there was a picture...

In a magazine. I liked the picture. I liked the desk. Then it hit me the same desk is in storage waiting to be painted!! 
Enter some stripping and sanding. 
One coat of Annie Sloan country gray chalk paint (no idea why it's called grey, it's clearly beige/light tan). 
Sand again and distress. 
Add glaze. 
Add wax. 
Take a break. Yell at some kids who are off on summer break. Go drink a diet some laundry...cook lunch... Oh, don't care about those steps!!

Wish I had the lamp to put on the desk from mag pic!!

Ponder putting on super cool lion head knobs and then decide they are perfect for it. 
Ok once more. 



And finally...realization that as cool
As the piece is I have no room for it. So it can be yours for $150.00

Located in Scottdale, PA but willing to meet. 724-989-0689 

Monday, June 3, 2013


Here is the inspiration picture. I like birds. I love the solid black contrast against neutral colors. I needed to put this bird on something!! 

This bench was an old piano bench I believe? Not sure, but it was solid and stained cherry. I'm not a fan of cherry flavored anything nor, cherry colored stain. 

Lid opens for storage!
Distressed and bird on branch added. It was missing something so I took a neighborhood poll on what word to paint on it. Now mind you the actual age of those in the poll was 7, 10, 11, 12, and  13. (it's summer the kids were all out and well, you poll who you can!) be thankful it says "hope" and not "peace" or "let's go swimming!" 
It was then waxed to protect and add some shine. 
And now it's available for sale. $50.00

*mommy in the 'dale is back to painting!!