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Sunday, May 18, 2014

What I learned 5/18/14

5/18/14. What I learned 

1. Apparently I missed a memo that arm hair is uncool and needs shaved or waxed off. 
2. Lourde. That singing girl has no dance ability. 
3. Chick sitting is fun because I get all the cuteness then ship them off when the 'chick shitting' takes over! 
4. Next time I buy landscaping plants, they won't be the prick-your finger shrub types. 
5. Next weekend is Memorial Day. What?? Yesterday was Christmas! 
6. Didn't Miley Cyrus ever hear that if she makes faces like that, her face might stay that way?! 
7. You might want to be super nice to Beyonce's sister, especially if you are planning to be in an elevator with her later in the evening. 
8. The 4am birds can kiss my ass. 
9.  I might be indifferent to assholes...I thought I might be shot this week and simply took the baby and moved away from the windows without even getting scared. 

That's all for this week...what have you learned? 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Minty and mine!!

I often fall in love with pieces I refinish but rarely keep them. This minty magic dresser had to go in my shabby chic bedroom. My husband is so tolerating of my madness!! (Poor guy sleeps on florals!) 

5/17/14 new at Saturday's Treasures booth

Today's upcycles. Will be able around 12:30pm Saturday at Saturday's Treasures in Mt. Pleasant at my Mommy in the Dale booth. These are only available at this booth. Inquire at shop for prices. Thanks! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Minty goodness

I often say (like every time) I refinish something that it's my favorite but this may be. I truly haven't  decided if I'm keeping it or not. It would be perfect in my shabby chic bedroom. 
But I have to share. I wish I could truly have you check it out in person because pictures don't do it justice but I think they frown upon having lots of people in/out of your bedroom (haha!) 

This shows blue but it's perfectly minty green. I promise 

Better view of color and shabby, distressed greatness! 
If I decide to sale it (better yet if I decide it's way too heavy to get up my stairs!) I'll let you know! 

Mommy in the 'Dale booth restock

Saturday's Treasures is located at 416 West Main St. Mt. Pleasant. 
The hours are Tuesday thru Friday 10-5 
Saturday 11-7
Sunday 10-5 

It is open now but there is a grand opening celebration May 17, 2014. 

Here's so updated photos of my booth. They aren't great quality because I had a little incident where my cell phone and tire met in the driveway (ie I ran it over!) 

Any questions contact me at 724-989-0689 or 

Put me in the corner chair

Little blue chair painted in suede paint. First time I used this and I'm loving the finish. $20

Duck egg blue frame with duck egg print $6.50 

Chalk painted Mason with greenery. $10.00 

All available at Saturday's Treasures at Mommy in the 'Dale Booth #138 

Here's an alternative look with stuff from another my house: 

 Wouldn't this be cute near a fireplace? On the porch or in hall. You have you have empty corners!!! 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Fancy dresser was destined for garbage..

Oh no. Not on my plan. After this dresser sat in my storage shed for a while the hub said "it's got to go". He planned to put it curb side on garbage day--he said it was in his way. 
The ol' poor girl needed a good cleaning, sanding, and repairs to fancy vaneer finish. Amazing what clamps, glue, putty, and bricks to weigh it flat helps! 
Here she is in all her purdiness now. 

Distressed. New made old again! 

Fancy feet 
She'll be at Saturday's Treasured in Mt. Pleasant on 5/6/14 in the afternoon. 

Little yellow stool turns side table!

A friend sent me the pin on the left. I just happened to have a stool I wasn't sure what to do with--it had not spoken to me to tell me what to do with it---enter divine pintervention!!

The yellow stool will be for sale at Saturday's Treasures in Mt. Pleasant in my Mommy in the 'Dale Booth---minus the plants---they are my only living plants in my house!!

I just love this sunny shade of yellow. The shelf's are made with wrapped twine.

I made the paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carla Rhodes has fulfilled her dream of having a retail spot to sell her “upcycled” furniture now that the new fleatique known as Saturday’s Treasures has opened in Mt. Pleasant.

About The Tribune-Review

By Sonia Whalen-miller

Published: Monday, May 5, 2014, 3:57 p.m. Updated 2 hours ago

It's not a good day if Carla Rhodes doesn't get paint on her hands. Now, thanks to a new fleatique known as Saturday's Treasures that just opened in Mt. Pleasant, she has an excuse every day to do so.
The 38-year-old is fulfilling a longtime dream of having a retail spot to sell her “upcycled” furniture and share her love of redoing, revamping and restoring wooden items.
“I heard about Saturday's Treasures when there was an ad in the newspaper. The location is perfect since I live in Scottdale, and my husband can help me load and unload the larger pieces after work without much travel,” she said.
Rhodes, who said she's a painter first, businessperson second, also liked the location's size, which allowed her the opportunity to showcase a wide variety of items.
“I try to balance large pieces such as buffets and dressers, with smaller accessory pieces like side tables and chairs. I try to stage the furniture with pictures and small decorative items which are for sale also,” she said.
Like all start-up ventures, this one comes with a sense of excitement and challenges as well, like making sure items are priced right, pieces are up to Rhodes' standards of “being just perfect,” and the booth is always filled with new items to sell.
“The hardest part was gathering quality pieces, refinishing them, and then storing them in my house until the space was available to move in,” Rhodes said. “Thankfully my husband is patient and I stored them all in his ‘man cave!''”
Working every day on her rehab projects, Rhodes said being able to finish a project and move it out of her home to the fleatique booth is beneficial, because she is no longer tempted to “fall in love” with a newly upcycled item and keep it. It's a passion that she has had for quite some time.
“I have painted for about two years, but I've always done crafty projects. It's in my genes. It started out of boredom when my kids got older and wanted to stay home a lot in the summer and grew from there. I also did it as a release of stress as a social worker,” she said.
So far Rhodes is happy with the success of her business. With the fleatique giving locals the opportunity to shop six days a week, she has sold a range of small to large items and has regularly been receiving positive feedback and compliments on her work.
“I love to talk ‘furniture' and I'm so happy with all the people I have met,” she said. “I have a number of people I have met who call me when they find good furniture bargains. I also try to tell people, if you have your grandmother's old side table which you dislike, you don't have to keep it the way it is. Paint it. You might fall in love with it again. Grandma will be looking down pleased!”
Rhodes added she only works on well-made, solid wood pieces that have “good bones” and will last a lifetime. She said while letting go of a project is tough, she is happy it will be used again.
Part of the creative artist's long-term business plan also includes sharing her painting techniques to achieve a wide variety of styles.
“I also want to teach people the different types of furniture styles such as ‘chippy,' ‘shabby-chic,' ‘distressed,' ‘waxed,' etc. I try to put examples of all types of furniture in my booth so if others would like their treasured pieces of furniture refinished I can do that with the look they desire,” Rhodes said.
Having a retail space is a stepping stone, getting her closer to her future dreams of owning her own shop, holding painting seminars and becoming a local distributor of a famous brand of chaulk and milk paint, she added.
Rhodes blogs regularly about her passion and upcoming projects making their debut at Saturday's Treasures. Between her day job, painting until 3 in the morning, you can find her regular entries at
Rhodes has no plans to stop painting anytime soon. She said there will never be a shortage of ugly furniture that needs a new life.
She can be reached at 724-989-0689 to discuss the upcycling of furniture finds.
Sonia Whalen-Miller is a contributing writer.



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