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Sunday, December 30, 2012

12/30/12 Weekly Reflections


1. Taylor Swift really annoys me. (I live in a 7 yr old girls life, give me a break!)
2. Rich refuses to give me the remote to control the tv. His reason, and I quote, "I'm not watching that baby making shit you watch."
3. I've been digging through my tea batch and quite enjoying all the flavors I bought and never drank.
4. It's so nice to Un-Christmas. Makes the house feel bigger and cleaner.
5. Where in the world is my life going? It can not be 2013 yet.
6. Pondering resolutions....hmmmm!
7. Christmas with kids is so special. Nothing is better than seeing them happy.
8. I am so thankful for a large extended family that all gets along and is able to enjoy each others company.

That's all for this week. Share some reflections you have.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve run.....I mean fun!!!!!!!!

Christmas Eve is by far the busiest day of the year for us. We have so many places to visit and it's exhausting, but fun!
Here's a photo run down of our day.
First stop around noon to Grammy and Pappy Keefer's for lunch and gift exchanges.

Funny to see how every year the kids grow!

Miss Caroline! Love her to pieces!

Gift time from Grammy and Pappy--sure to please the kiddos!


Then to home to make food for next parties....but first our family gift exchange. The kids sure buy thoughtful, sweet gifts from Santa's snowflake shop at school.

When Aiden and I shopped for Amelia, he had to buy Rich this!

Next is the Sebek (Mom's family) gathering. This year it was at Aunt Betsy and Uncle Greg's.

Sadly every year we rush out of there to head to the Rhodes' family gathering.


 Quick translation: More food!!!!!!

Crazy Dakota

Presents from Ju-Ju and Papp

Finally to bed (parents fall asleep on couch and somehow Santa appears!)

What do you do on Christmas Eve?
I really do wish we could fit in church, but we just don't have the time...
Stay tuned for Christmas day fun!

12/25/12 Xmas Question: Favorite ornaments

Here's a few od my favorite ornaments. I also included the story behind them!
What is your favorite?
This baby Santa has been on the tree since I was pregnant with Aiden. I keep putting it on there as a reminder of the baby we lost.

This was Emmett's ornament. It's extra special this year since he's not with us.

Cute fairy tale ornament, brought when Aiden was a baby.

Amelia has a Precious Moments collection, this is one of several of her's.

A school made ornament from Aiden.

Bought these a few years ago and love the vintage look.

Aiden's baby theme was Peter Rabbit--love this one!

A jolly fat Santa, what's not to love?!

A lady bug for good luck!

New handmade this year!

12/24/12 Xmas: Elf Shenanigans

So here's the photo dump of all the Elfie and Elfetta adventures of 2012. Good thing Christmas is here, momma elf is tired!!
Elfetta wrote "Elves Rule, Kids Drool" on the mirror!
Apparently Elves like Pringles!
Going to church!
Hanging around!
I think Elfie wants to play Xbox!
Elfie went through the dishwasher---maybe he needs a shower!
Syrup for breakfast!
"Honey I shrunk the Elf!"
Elf: In this house we fold undies and put them away, not hang them on the fan.
Elf hatched an egg!