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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dec. 9 Xmas question: stress!!

So the question of the day has to do with stress. What is it about Christmas that stresses you out the most? Do you get more stressed out at Christmas time?

This is a hard answer for me. On one hand, I love this time of year. I like the kids being in the house because the weathers cooler. I love the decorations and the twinkle of a room with just tree lights and candles. I love the cool air and coats and gloves and hats. Driving home and seeing others outdoor lights and decorations. These are the things that give me a sense of peace and feelings that the world is right.

The stress comes with finances. I'm not the greatest budgeter and I always want to produce the "wow" gift for others. The stress of gift giving and overspending stress me out. I've tried to instill in my kids that is not what Christmas is about and they are excellent about asking for little. Amelia even told Santa that she only wanted a stuffed lion, stating that she "knows he has lots of other kids to give gifts to."

It's just the stress of hoping I give others something they really desire, something magical. Something that gives the "wow" for the price conscience. That's the stress I have over the holidays.

Other than that I LOVE this time of year. I balance out my schedule to get everything done so I'm not rushing, which I know causes others to stress.

So do you stress at Christmas time and if so, over what?
Any suggestions for me?!!

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