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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

12/25/12 Xmas Question: Favorite ornaments

Here's a few od my favorite ornaments. I also included the story behind them!
What is your favorite?
This baby Santa has been on the tree since I was pregnant with Aiden. I keep putting it on there as a reminder of the baby we lost.

This was Emmett's ornament. It's extra special this year since he's not with us.

Cute fairy tale ornament, brought when Aiden was a baby.

Amelia has a Precious Moments collection, this is one of several of her's.

A school made ornament from Aiden.

Bought these a few years ago and love the vintage look.

Aiden's baby theme was Peter Rabbit--love this one!

A jolly fat Santa, what's not to love?!

A lady bug for good luck!

New handmade this year!

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