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Thursday, December 13, 2012

12/13/12 Xmas Question of the day...presents!

Today's question is: What was your favorite present as a child?
I have so many great memories of opening presents as a child. My parents were the best "Santa's".
One memory, in particular,  is of a Christmas morning that we opened up everything only to discover that my brother, Jason and I didn't get the #1 requested present of that year. We, in our best fake voice, reported that we were happy with what we got and didn't complain...although, I'm sure we were giving each other looks of confusion and sadness!
Little did we know that sneaky Santa hid the 2 best presents!
So, what was in that brightly colored wrapped box for me.............
Don't ask me what the bro received, as I'm sure it was of no interest to me (I will guess it was a gun of some sort).  Jason's comment was always that "if it doesn't take bullets or gas I don't want it!"
It wasn't just any Cabbage Patch....her name Karla!! (with a 'K' although and not a 'C').
The hubby reports his favoite was a Voltron.....although to be honest I have no idea what this is! (Boys things aren't as great as babydolls and barbies!) 
So what was your best gift ever? Share some memories!
Ok, I'm off to search the attic for Karla.....she'll be asleep in the bed tonight between the hubby and I!
Until tomorrow.....
Carla (with a 'C'!) 

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