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Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3 Christmas Question of the day!

Christmas presents...How do you shop? Do you order online or in stores? Do you shop Black Friday and then you are done or little by little?
As my kids are getting older the amount of items I buy is less but they get more expensive. Their wants also become more specific, so I can't buy throughout the year any longer either. I find their likes change so purchasing after Christmas clearances for the following year is impossible.

This year I've shopped much more online and I like it! I do stress though until the package actually arrives for fear it doesn't come. The only problem with online shopping is the selection is more limited online rather than in-store. This was true on Black Friday with Old Navy, when must online deals were gone in the sizes I needed, but the store had plenty of options. I also ordered from Aeropostle and by the time my "cart" was loaded several items I wanted were sold out in the few minute wait.

The nice part about online shopping is no annoying people and the coupons that I forget to take to the store are at home and available for use online. The bad part---no Annie Anne pretzel treats!!
So how do you shop? Are you done? (If so come wrap my crap!)

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