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Monday, September 30, 2013

What I learned! 9/29/13


Whoops!! Day late, dollar short...story of my life!! 

1. It truly amazes me the things people blame on politics. I was at a gas pump and the man was complaining about the plethora of questions he had to answer prior to pumping (I agree that there are ways too many questions..fuel perks, car wash, zip code, color of shirt, etc, etc!) However, when the man blamed this all on democrats I was glad there was a pump hiding my face, as a chuckled. 
2. How does a person lose one shoe on the does this happen and what happens to the other shoe? Does it pair up with the mystery lost dryer socks?! 
3. My dog loves me. I mean LOVES me. Where I am, she is. Inside..outside...upstairs...downstairs...couch...bed...bathroom...but shower??!! I'd like to shower alone! 
4. The boy child finally went a whole week without a morning ailment compliant. 
5. Mail that has enclosed paycheck on Friday at 5:00pm is not acceptable. I'll gladly pay 50€ a stamp but get my mail here early enough for me to make it to the bank! In fact I'd rather pay 50€. I can't remember the price of a stamp ever and if it's an even number like that I might! 

That's it for this week! Enjoy the nice fall weather!! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sneak peak of Emerald...

Emerald is supposed to be color of the year. Decided to go with this color on small circular side table. Great for a pop of color in any space! 

Stay tuned. Should be completed and available by Thursday! 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

What I learned 9/22/13


1.  I really like 'Ellen', but she's looking more and more manly. 
2. It's impossible to do as much daily as I did when younger. This sucks. 
3. It's amazing how often I wait until the last minute to complete tasks. 

4. 'Spot the Northhampton Clown' you are a creepy bastard. If you show up on my road (doubtful because it's in England) you will be shot. Beep! Beep! On that! 

5. I may need to have my new couch returned. It's defective. Every time I sit down on it it sucks me in and I fall asleep. 
6. I wish I liked coffee, so I could relate to more cutie FB posts! 
7. Tis the season of sweatpants and hoodies! 
8. Miley has crotchery issues. She may want to consider wearing clothes over her undergarments. 

Happy Autumn Peeps! Enjoy your week! What can you reflect on? 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Sweet Shabby Chic Set

Sweet Pink Set
Pink chalk based paint. Distressed for shabby chic/vintage look. Both waxed to protect and bring out sheen. Complimented with matching floral print on table top and chair seat. Newly upholstered. Top of table fabric is covered with glass. Perfect for shabby chic sun room or little girl's space. Located in Scottdale, but willing to meet. 



Someone painted the glass blue in past. Scrape, scrape, scrape! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

What I learned. 9/15/13


1. MP McDonalds please bring back Heinz ketchup, your off brand sucks.
2. I'm on 3rd week of no diet Pepsi. It's truly amazing how much better I feel. 
3. Holy cow Amelia has a YMCA class this year 730-815.  Momma needs her couch my 8pm. 
4. My name is Carla, and I'm a comma abuser. 
5. I often wonder if I'm overeducated, or undereducated. 
6. I want to be debt free, I really do. This may involve starting to turn tricks. But then I should get skinnier first. I'll start tomorrow (throws another chip in my mouth). 
7. Rich caught a 'man-cold'. He says it much worse than colds I get. Ugh. 

Have a good week! Share some reflections you have! 

For the dear hubby and son. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Antique desk

Antique Desk 
Upcycled in cream/beige chalk based paint. Glazed to highlight detail and then waxed to seal. 
40" wide, 18" depth, 28 1/2" tall 
Excellent shabby chic, country primitive look.  $75.00

There is a turquoise chalk painted antique, solid wood chair that compliments desk perfectly. Can be sold with the desk for $90.00 or seperately for $25.00

Located in Scottdale but willing to meet. 
See other furniture available for sale at

Feeling blue...

2 end table/nightstands 
Up-cycled solid wood. 
2 drawers 
Napoleon blue Annie Sloan chalk paint, lightly distressed, clear waxed. 
$60 both 

Side chair. 
Compliments nightstands with same blue. New upholstery. $20 
Or purchase all 3 for $70.00

Located in Scottdale, but willing to meet. 
See other furniture at 

Monday, September 9, 2013

It's a blue blog party!

href=”” target=”_blank”><img alt=”Get Your DIY On” src=”“/>

The theme for the week is blue....
I never realized how many pieces I have upcycled with blue paint! I never thought it was a favorite color of mine but it must be! Take a look....what's your favorite?

One of my favorite dresser up cycles--robin egg Annie Sloan chalk paint with dark wax
Baby Bureau Before

Bathroom cabinet
Sassy gossip bench


upcycled lamp

night stand
step stool

chair and country sampler



chippy stand

beachy side table
Surprisingly, I have no blue pieces of furniture in my in none of my rooms. I may have to make that change. Blue is popular right now.
Next weeks theme for the blog party is "fall wreath"---I'm going to warm my glue-gun up!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

What I learned 9/8/13


1. Sometimes my day is so long, it's easier just to say I'm sick and go to bed at 6:30pm. 
2.  Want your children to turn to instant assholes: put them in a car. 
3. Tis' the season of itchiness. 
4. Holy Mosquitos this weekend at our house. If I die this week, have me tested for west Nile. 
5. On top of Mosquitos outside, my dog (who faithfully gets vet purchased flea treatments) had fleas. Only a few were found,  yet the poor dog has her skin ripped up raw. So sad. I feel terrible. Needless to say the poor dog has gotten bathed and I've looked up every homeopathic treatment on top of her regular treatment. 
6. On another note, my dog does not have the mange, however due to the haircut I have her it looks like it. (Note to self--you have no idea how to use hair clippers).  
7. I'm seriously pondering getting a floating boat to float on my pool. I love hoodie, sweatpants weather but, I'm not ready to give up floating yet. A boat seems to be the perfect relaxing, dry solution! (Don't laugh if you come here and I'm set in my boat with a blanket, book, and my iPhone!) 
8. 'F' you Steelers, F-you! 
9. Stupid paperwork can ruin a weekend. 
10. Taking electronics away from boy child makes him find other things to do..he read a book, played in woods, practiced trumpet. I'm going to do it more often! 

That's all for the week--enjoy the hot September weather we will have this week! Come swim at my house! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Country samplers

Country Children's Sampler
Each child is $5.00 with a name below. If its a boy, pick hair color. 
If girl, pick skirt color, hair color and hair type. Straight, curly, long, short, little girls look cute with pink tails and a bow. 
Headings, such as "Grammy's kids" or "Our Family" is $5.00 extra. 
They are usually an 8x10. Fabric is background is burgundy, blues, greens, browns...pick a color. Frames vary. They can be completed within a few days. 
I'm located in Scottdale but can meet locally or within Greensburg area. 

Wedding Samplers
The one with lace and the white dress is $25.00 (example says 'The Woodleys')

Any sayings can be sewn. Examples: 'It is What it is' or 'Always Kiss Me Goodnight'. Any sayings can be done. Contact me for price. 

Contact me via my blog, email at or cell: 724-989-0689 to order