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Monday, September 2, 2013

Sleep is for the weak!

Here's my typical night. 

Around 11pm-house is cleaned up, I'm relaxed and tired-head to bed. 
11:10pm-hit bed. Remember that I have to do such and such tomorrow and really should put it on things to do list. 
11:20pm-dwell on trying to remember, get out of bed, turn on light to write down reminder. Dear hubby yells why is light on. I get in a huff, forget what I was going to write down, shut out light, go back to bed. 
11:30pm-repeat 11:20 scenario. 
12:00am-Go to pee. Plan to write down list in bathroom. Forget tablet, go bank to bedroom, get table, go back to bathroom. Forget what I was going to write down. 
12:10-now where's the damn pen to make things to do list?! 
12:30-back in bed, now realize I should have switched wash from washer to dryer. Get out of bed to do that. 
12:59-started a new load of laundry. Since I'm up, I'll just sit on couch and wait to switch this next load again. 
1:37am- oh, I fell asleep on couch. I'll get a snack. Holy shit, I can't feel my legs. Remember reason is I slept on couch. Vow to put 'see chiropractor' on list. 
1:52am-snack was good. Look at mess on end tables. Clean up end table. Decide living room looks stupid with just end tables cleaned, dust entire living room, scrub hardwood floors, fluff pillows, contemplate sleeping on couch again since rooms so inviting and clean. 
1:54am- start third load of laundry. Pondering how wonderful it will to be done with all housework tomorrow. 
2:00am-push dog off nicely cleaned and fluffed couch. Take her out to pee. Contemplate the meaning of life while standing under stars. Vow to get up early, walk dog for exercise, eat healthy breakfast--oh, I should put that on my list. Rush dog into house...
2:03am- what was I going to put on my list? Where's my damn list?? It was just on the end table next to my snack..oh, nevermind. Vow to be more organized. 
2:47am- sneak into room to grab blankets off of dear hubby because I have no more laundry to do. Listen to him grumble. Forgot blanket, go to bathroom, march right back into bedroom flip on overhead light, grab all 3 blankets off him..walk out, leaving the damn light on. 
3:28    Listen to hubby's alarm go
3:37     Off in 9 minute intervals
3:49am-start to doze off on couch
3:55-get awakened by hubby's alarm. Head to bed. Have no blankets. Swaddle myself in sheets. 
4:15am-listen to hubby bitch about clothes, showering, brushing his teeth, not liking deodorant I bought him. 
4:33am- gleefully send hubby off to work.  Scream "Ah, I LOVE YOU TOOOOOO!" 
4:37am-think I should watch news at 5 am to make sure there are no wrecks on his ride in. 
4:49am-desperately try to stay awake to watch news. 
5:16am- realize I fell asleep. Try to get blankets in dryer before traffic alert comes on tv. 
5:32am- asleep on couch 
6:00am- alarm goes off. What the hell did I set my alarm for 6am for? Remember, look at dog fast asleep, think it would be cruel to wake her up to make her walk. Go back to sleep. 
7:37am-wake up and realize kids and I need to be out the door in 23 minutes. Three showers, we can do this. 
8:10am- head out doors, pop aspirin cause I have a headache from lack of sleep and vow to go to bed earlier tonight (I should put that on my list..where's the damn lis...ah, never-mind!) 

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