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Monday, September 30, 2013

What I learned! 9/29/13


Whoops!! Day late, dollar short...story of my life!! 

1. It truly amazes me the things people blame on politics. I was at a gas pump and the man was complaining about the plethora of questions he had to answer prior to pumping (I agree that there are ways too many questions..fuel perks, car wash, zip code, color of shirt, etc, etc!) However, when the man blamed this all on democrats I was glad there was a pump hiding my face, as a chuckled. 
2. How does a person lose one shoe on the does this happen and what happens to the other shoe? Does it pair up with the mystery lost dryer socks?! 
3. My dog loves me. I mean LOVES me. Where I am, she is. Inside..outside...upstairs...downstairs...couch...bed...bathroom...but shower??!! I'd like to shower alone! 
4. The boy child finally went a whole week without a morning ailment compliant. 
5. Mail that has enclosed paycheck on Friday at 5:00pm is not acceptable. I'll gladly pay 50€ a stamp but get my mail here early enough for me to make it to the bank! In fact I'd rather pay 50€. I can't remember the price of a stamp ever and if it's an even number like that I might! 

That's it for this week! Enjoy the nice fall weather!! 

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