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Friday, February 22, 2013

Fess up Friday: today I'm a sucky mom!

First, let me preface this with: if you are a Judgy McJudgerson then stop reading ( or my mother, if your my mother stop here). Or CYS.....I really don't need you here today.

Ok, if you are none of the above.... Carry on!

Here's my shameful fess up............

The boy child has the flu (the achy, whiney, pukey kind). That's not my fess up. That information would be his fess up. He agreed I could tell that part here (and anyway I would have totally told you anyway for the story, as that's an important part,..... and.....I'm his mom, .....and......he's underage, .....and......lets face it I'm not winning any parenting awards today).

The fess up is:
....... I don't do the at here's your bucket, do want you need to, dispose of it yourself.............(while I'm totally in my warm bed, under the covers, yelling to him in the bathroom "are you ok?".... Praying I don't have to go in there.)

.......and I totally let the girl child stay home from school today so she could assist her puking brother.

Yep, that's it, today as a Mother, I suck!

(And my loving, sweet, not puking at the moment children said I don't suck when I read them this I must be doing something right!)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentines party with 1st graders!

The girl child is in 1st grade and I was luckiest to be a party mom again!!!

Girl Scouts World Thinking Day

The Girl Scouts participated in world thinking day on Saturday, Feb. 16, 2013 at MP Jr./Sr. high. We had the county of Japan. The girls enjoyed "sushi rolls" of rice krispie treat covering a Swedish fish and wrapped in fruit by the foot. They also sampled shrimp flavored ramen noodles and green tea. They put together a lot of excellent learning facts on the county and fun ethnic artifacts from other troop leaders. They completed an origami art project. The girls then circled through 7 other counties. Mandy and I were lucky to have all of our Daisy's present and many of the older girls in the troop attended also. Here's a sample of pics to enjoy!

2/17/13 Weekly Reflections

1. The number of chap sticks we lose to the washing machine and dryer each week is astonishing.
2. It's amazing what sunshine can do in the morning.
3. The town of Scottdale really needs a redbox.
4. It's 2013, can't they invent a better tasting cough syrup.
5. I seriously never knew chickens could be house pets until I friended chicken lovers in FB. Like they have chicken diapers and everything. Crazy.
6. I've reached a point in parenting when my kids are away I miss them more than they miss me.
7. In related news, I survived my son's first weekend away at camp. I should get a gold star for sure.
8. I totally need an electronic do- hicky on the first staircase that shouts "look around and see if anything needs carried up the steps". I'm tired of being the only one in the house that carries stuff up and down.

That's All for this week. Share some reflections you have!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fess up Friday's: walk of shame!

Today I did a walk of shame that was worse than coming in after an "all nighter" as a teen......

Let me paint a vivid pic......

Slept in (momma needs her beauty sleep--but apparently that may have taken a few more hours to possibly achieve)

Rushed kids out the door.

Kids dressed appropriately. Momma, not so much.

Momma: pj pants (highly fashionable animal print, I might add....which should have totally been my version of sexy for Valentine's Day if I didn't pass out after working until 9pm.... So sorry Rich) ( can read between the lines on that little bonus fess-up)



No bra, no undies.

No hair or teeth brushed.

Now, it may have been all good......until..........

......continued dramatic pause............

.....the girl child was way too late to throw her in the school door one walk of shame into the school, head down, praying I had very little human interaction and didn't scar the children for life.

I'm off to shower and appropriately enter the world. There's my fess-up. Can you top that this morning?!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

2/10/13 weekly reflections


1. I had no idea what illuminati was before Sunday's Super Bowl.
2. I wish my electronic needs matched Rich's so he'd take things more seriously. (ie: I need a working printer)
3. Getting the kids off electronics is like telling someone to have surgery with no anesthetic.
4. The Walking Dead is terrible to watch with Rich, because he read the comics and gives play by play from them.
5. My son is an official boy scout. Where did my little tiger go?
6. It's all fun and games until at 10pm you realize you have to have ink for the printer.
7. I consider myself pretty knowledge and hip with music, then I watch the grammy's and just feel stupid and old!
8. Poor Adele, I almost bought that same material on her dress for curtains at Goodwill!!

That's all this week. Last week we all had colds, now the girl child is puking...let's hope it's something she ate!! And prayers and get well wishes to my Aunt Debbie!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lady in need of a career change! Send help!

New careers

1. Rapper: I've experienced a lot of crap. I think this qualifies me to rap about it.
2. Amish: I have chickens. I have churned butter. I look good in an apron. I can live off the grid. I don't need no stinkin electricity. But I will need to move closer to a creek to wash my clothes.
3. Drug addict: I have some connections. You think this isn't a career--I can go on SSD because of it. Or better yet.....
4. Drug dealer: I always wanted a BMW.
5. Bar tender: come on, I already have the social work degree, most people come to a bar to drown their troubles. I am qualified to help them!
6. Flag girl: I can twirl a flag and get a farmers tan. I know how to swear at crazy drivers. Wonder if Jason or Dad can get me into this.
7. A house cleaner: you have no idea that things I have cleaned in crappy client houses before.
8. Drug tester: people all think that welfare recipients should be tested I will do it!! (the problem is your taxes will probably increase to pay for these tests)
9. Private detective: I'm nosy, I like to dig for info!!
10. Garbage women... You have no idea the smelly houses I've been in. You learn tricks to combat stink.
11. Lion tamer...if you have ever had to wrestle 3 extreme ADHD boys you know lions would be no trouble.
12. A Maury Povich type talk show host... I have lots of experience in "who the baby daddy" drama.
13. A juggler: 'nuf said. Figure this one out.
14. A fairy: I have a lot of experience trying to wave a magic wand. No success, but experience.
15. A dog walker: I like to walk. I like dogs, they don't talk.
16. How about one of those women that sit in the beach and read-- aren't they needed to get pictures of for commercials and advertisements. I would rock that job.
17. Wine & Cheese sampler: I would like a little more wine, with a little less "whine."

You have any other suggestions for me?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

2/3/13 weekly reflections


1. I think movie producer sit around and think of the strangest scenarios for movies and make it. For example: how about a movie where a girl falls in love with a zombie= enter: 'Warm Bodies'
2. The whistling in my house is continuing.
3. I will NEVER be a morning person.
4. The week of my imagination thinking how Ray Lewis will act during the Super bowl has cracked me numerous times. However his actions have disappointed me. Boring!
5. What's better for Ray Lewis.. Getting away with murder or winning the Superbowl!
6. One week until Walking Dead!! Chew on those brains!

That's all for this week. Go Pens! (how many more months until training camp?!)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fess Up Friday!

Fess Up Fridays!
I gotta major thing for firemen!! Some women like police men or men in suits. Me...firemen. They do it for me!! So, yea, ummm....ok, carry on! I'm going to find a match and burn this mother down!
Your turn to fess up! What type of men or women does it for you?

Fess-up Fridays!!

Fess-up Friday!!


Today's fess up is:

Get ready....

Here it is......

Drum roll please....

Ok, so here it is: I love my kiddos, but sometimes they are major assholes. This week especially. The winter makes it worse that they are in the house more. Constant bickering. Constant agreements over electronics. I teach parenting but sometimes all that wonderful "super nanny" info is right out the window. I yell. I scream. My arm swings backwards hoping to connect in the car at times.
Love my kiddos but they totally drive me nuts sometimes (read: most times).

So now your turn. You have a fess up?
Your kids make you wanna forget to get them off the school bus sometimes?
What's a parenting highlight you have?