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Friday, February 22, 2013

Fess up Friday: today I'm a sucky mom!

First, let me preface this with: if you are a Judgy McJudgerson then stop reading ( or my mother, if your my mother stop here). Or CYS.....I really don't need you here today.

Ok, if you are none of the above.... Carry on!

Here's my shameful fess up............

The boy child has the flu (the achy, whiney, pukey kind). That's not my fess up. That information would be his fess up. He agreed I could tell that part here (and anyway I would have totally told you anyway for the story, as that's an important part,..... and.....I'm his mom, .....and......he's underage, .....and......lets face it I'm not winning any parenting awards today).

The fess up is:
....... I don't do the at here's your bucket, do want you need to, dispose of it yourself.............(while I'm totally in my warm bed, under the covers, yelling to him in the bathroom "are you ok?".... Praying I don't have to go in there.)

.......and I totally let the girl child stay home from school today so she could assist her puking brother.

Yep, that's it, today as a Mother, I suck!

(And my loving, sweet, not puking at the moment children said I don't suck when I read them this I must be doing something right!)

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