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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Grammy observations.

Watching the Grammy's and feeling very old. Here's my observations: ---~How did LL Cool Jay get this gig? 
~Good grief Beyonce your body is banging after child birth. I also saw your nipple and it kind of turned me on! And if that's the new hair look I can totally rock that every morning. 

~Pink is extremely artistic. And acrobatic. 
~I think the rap community is thrilled to have someone "Straight out of Compton" again. 
~Taylor Swift...needs to unleash her inner whore. The good girl act gets old. And hello front row dancing to Imagine Dragons/Kendrick combo.... This is why ever guy dumps you. 
~Lorde needs some dancing lessons or anti-seizure meds. I'm not sure which. 
~Paul McCarthy's face is straight up molded plastic. 
~Ozzy. It might be time to totally retire and head to elderly resort full time. Ozzy's response to this suggestion: "afthhuvgrghunfdnk" 
~Pharrell Williams:  Curious George called  and wants his hat back 

And if Stevie Wonder could have saw your second hat selection he would have told you to take it off! 
~how is Willie Nelson not dead? Weed: the ultimate anti-ager. And nice play on "Momma don't let your baby's grow up to be cowboys!" My Best highlight of night! Because let's face it. Cowboys---hot. Doctors and lawyers and such--not hot! 
~Kasey Musgraves-I have kitchen aprons bigger than your dress. You make trailor trash look good. 
~Beyounce/Jay Z could have totally blown the award show competition away if they just had sex and made baby number 2 on stage during "Drunk and in love" 
~Metallica: and suddenly I'm 18 again. (I liked the piano guy with it too a lot!!!) 
~Macklemore and LL- was there a sale on velvet suits somewhere? I missed it. 
~Did Madonna require that cane and were they helping hold her up? 
~Yoko Ono just won't go away will she! 
~Daft Punk needs to just take off the stupid helmets and thank people. I think people are tired of being their spoke person. 
~the best part of the Grammy's (as exciting as the whole mess was) was the ending. At 11:45pm. I couldn't have been happier to see the credits. I'm too old to stay up this late! 


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