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Monday, January 20, 2014

Mommy in the 'Dale is back!

After a several month hiatus I'm back!! And painting. Tonight's color of the Eve matches my mood toward this never ending Pennsylvania! 
Perhaps tomorrow I'll crack open a color if paint to match the expected weather...Snow White! 
For tonight here's a preview of projects 

I'm naming this dresser "It's a chick thing". It needs finishing touches of detail paint, sanding, sealing, and wax. I'm hoping to get it out of my dining room by the weekend! 

This may look like a 70's macrame nightmare but just wait until you see the upgrade! 
Love a good deal! A diamond in the rough! 

Thanks to the pampered chef knife that sliced through that rope. I'm not sure Pampered Chef will use me as a spoke person for sawing through macrame, but whatev! It worked when scissors weren't. 

Rounded out the mixed chalk paint of black on a small bench and cute little side table. The table got painted a shade of grey originally that looked purplish and I just wasn't digging it so classic black it went. Tomorrow I'll sand m, distress, and wax. And find some cool fabric to cover bench seat. 
Feels great to be painting, even if it's in my warm cozy dining room and not in the hot, sunny yard. Dreaming of a quick spring! 
Stay tuned for finished projects! 
Thanks for continued support! 

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