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Monday, February 24, 2014

What I learned 2/23/14


1. I'm wishing a Bigfoot would eat Bo-Bo. Especially when he wore this: 

2. 10 minutes waiting for my 2/$1 hot dogs I discover several things:
A) at $16.35 for 2 packs of cigarettes I couldn't afford to smoke 
B) I'm ordering 2/$1 hot dogs because I'm broke. If I had an access card I'd afford pop, chips, and a candy bar--hummmm?! 
3. One day of sunshine takes away a month of snow. 
4. Mud...I hate it unless I can have fun in it on a quad then shower. Other than that...hate it. 
5. I've convinced myself I'm
Pregnant but too cheap to buy a test. My boobs hurt, I'm super tired, I have heart burn, and my smells make me nauseous. I'll ignore the fact that it takes sex to get pregnant and I have an IUD. 

6. I postpone scrubbing floors then do it and sit in wonder of how nice they look (for about 10 whole minutes!) 
7. Will I ever be of an age when I don't need my parents to bail me out of crisis? 
8. If you are a girl and your legs look like this you have more issues than just using this magic product 

That's all for the week. Enjoy! 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Dresser/buffet/media cabinet

Multi-functional piece of furniture. Could be used as dresser, buffet in dining room, tv/entertainment stand in living area, extra storage in kitchen. 
48 inches long
32 inches tall
19 inches from front to back
Two cabinets on each side, one has smaller hidden drawer. 
4 large drawers. Solid wood completely through, including drawers. It is on 4 functional wheels. Makes easy to move and clean under! 
Painted in teal/duck egg blue colors, made to be very shabby chic/country prim with other colors under showing through like wood tones, white, peach/orangish, etc. Sanded smooth. 
Glazed with stain for aged look and waxed. 
See more photos at including before/after and inspirational photo. 
Located in Scottdale. 


Inspirational picture: 

See top 1/2 glazed and waxed and 1/2 not: 

Drawers with new lining: 


Blue desk chair

Refinished/upcycled solid wood, very sturdy desk chair on wheels. Painted bright blue with new upholstery. Located in Scottdale, but willing to meet. See more at 


Sunday, February 16, 2014

What I learned 2/16/14


1. Every single night the boy child takes a cup of ice water to bed for his nightstand. Every single night he shakes the cup and I feel like I'm in a constant state of playing Yahtzee. 
2. I don't sleep at night. I'm a great daytime napper but horrible about sleeping at night. Will this ever change? 

3. I like the sprawling white untouched areas of snow. I hate the grey, black ashy iced over snow piles on roads and in parking lots. 

4. I have an affection for old furniture. I see a sad piece and know I can make it happy. 
5. I. Hate. The. Smell. Of. Kerosene. Like give me an instant headache, want to vomit hate. 
6. I need spring so I can paint and sand outside. I also need a man to help me lift stuff without complaining and that can cut wood. Also to not complain about all the sad looking 'projects' I bring home! My Dad has the tools! 

That's it for this week! What have you learned recently? 

Monday, February 10, 2014

What I learned 2/9/14


1. Is sticking your tongue out the new FB duck face? 
2. Letang had a stroke?! I blame the hot sex hair. 
3. Can we get a full week of school in? Please! 
4. Apparently our driveway isn't big enough so I refuse to use it.   Then the swagger gets stuck and I just sit and cry. I'm buying a truck. 
5. Curling in the Olympics is one of the strange things I can't not watch. 
6. Hey perhaps you haven't heard The Walking Dead is back on. 

That's all for this week. Have a good one! 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

What I learned 2/2/14


What I learned: 
1. It can not be February. I just put away some Christmas decorations. 
2. My girl child can sniff out hidden chocolate like a blood hound. 
3. It's crazy how much on one day I can hate a ground hog (stupid Phil) 
4. I never thought I'd utter the phrase "this Super Bowl is boring" yet it totally was. 
5. My chicken may hate winter as much as I do this year. They have pulled apart three bails of straw in their coop. Yes, three bails. It's like walking through the jungle in there. 
6. There has been too many school cancellations. And too much alcohol consumption in this home. They correlate. 

7. I'm all about saving money and buying cheaper versions, but nothing beats Tide. Totally worth the extra money. Mmmm..smells soo good. 
8. I need a girls day out ASAP. 
9. My yard looks like a Family Circus cartoon when it snows because of the dog making circles in the snow. 

10. How on earth did I get crafty inspiration prior to Pinterest. 
That's all for this week! Have a good one! 

Solid wood stain/painted dresser

Large 4 drawer solid wood. Possible walnut dresser. Doved tail, solid drawers. 

2 large drawers and 2 small stripped and  sanded completely down and stained. The rest of the dresser is painted in off white chalk paint. Sanded smooth and waxed. Slightly distressed for shabby chic or country prim look. This piece is perfect for a bedroom, dining room for a side board, or living room for tv stand. Original handles and knobs for authentic antique/vintage look. 
42 in tall wide, 21 in depth, 32 in tall. 
Located in Scottdale. 
See more including before and after pictures at

One drawer stripped and sanded. The other (the top) not. 


Ombré orange dresser

3 drawer small side dresser.
Painted in orange, drawers are three tones of orange for an ombré effect. 
30 in tall. 30 in wide, depth of 17 1/2" 
This piece is not solid wood. It is partial board, so not as well made as solid wood (think current furniture purchase like at Walmart but individualized.) 
It is in good shape, no issues with any drawers. 
Located in Scottdale. 
See more photos at

(This was what the white spray paint was for--to paint handles and prime and seal.)