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Sunday, June 29, 2014

6/29/14 what I learned


1. I hate whistling. It gives me a headache. My family whistles constantly. 
2. A new chia growing is gross. Looks like worms. 
3. I just can't do True Blood tv show anymore. I'm done. Done. Done. 
4. Tis the season of shaving. I'm a little sick of it. Hairy needs to come back in. 
5. I went to a b-day party at the reunion pavilion at Mammoth Park. This is the first year of no reunion. I left and cried because I miss it. Anyone in the Shaw fam want to help me do one next year? 
6. I've read three books in two days. I'm becoming one of those people!! I've also hoarding magazines to take camping.  

7. My kid were forced to go to a fair. I may (or may not...I'll never admit it!) dropped the 'f' bomb en route to the fair and insisted they will like it and have a good time. They complained the whole time. What kids don't like fair food? 

That's all...what have you learned?! Share!! 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

What I learned. 6/22/14


1. If a day ends and my kids aren't on a tv show on Mtv or TLC I think that translates to I'm doing a good job. 
2. MCM--man crush Monday, WBW--way back Wednesday or a WCW-Women Crush Wednesday, TBT--throw back Thursday, FBF--flashback Friday:    CHT---Carla hates these!!!! 
3. Taking my daughter to the flea market costs me way too much money. 
4. The douche bags who get monster energy drink tattoo's are going to look as stupid in a few years as those with Spuds Mackenzie tattoos now. 
5. Those "Hair club for men" commercials make the men seem like the world really opens up for them when they get hair. 
6. So teen boys cutting off their nipples is a thing now? Gross 
7. It's all fun & games at the Father's Day family picnic until punches get thrown. 

That's it so far this summer. I'm not trying to learn a lot!! 
'til next time...

Summertime at The Coop

My children will have no plans this summer. 

I will not be making them do worksheets, giving sticker rewards to add up to bigger prizes.  They got straight A's in 2nd and 6th grade, so that's their reward. 

We will not do Idlewild and Kennywood. I refuse to pay full price for tickets. We have no special deal discounts, so that $200 day out is out. 

I'm not heading to Park n' Pool, Ligonier Beach, or any other high priced, "but they have a diving board" places.  They have a pool in the back yard, they will use it. 

My kids will not be filled with special lunches out. PB & J will suffice, just as it did for me. 

My kids days won't be filled with camps, day camp, night camp, swim camps, etc. They will be home. 

They won't be learning lots of new information from educational camps, special activities, and programs. 

Days won't be spent at the movies, museums, or Walmart toy section. 

At 8 and 12 I don't feel obligated to provide them with never ending activities, games, play. They can do this own their own. 

I will take them camping and to the beach, where I'm totally prepared to read, relax, and sun bathe. 

I'm not taking them on long hikes in mountains, long bike rides on the trails, and so forth. 
What they will have? 
An imagination to build club houses. A yard to play ball in. 
A field to explore. 
Bikes to ride in the road. 
A pool to cool them off and swim in. 
A mother whose home several days a week to allow them to sleep in. 
Books to read. 
Games to play. 
Computers and lots of Minecraft. 
A radio to sing along with. 
Tv to learn lots of SpongeBob lingo. 
A mom who no longer helicopters over them and their every move. 
Lots of 'make it themselves' food choices. 

These days were good enough for me and will be good for them. Kids need to be kids. We have to let them go. Let them grow. Days and nights spent outdoors isn't going to hurt. Can't find your shoes? It's fine. Go without. What might happen? A bee bite--life goes on. 
My kids are smart. They don't need constant reinforcement of what they learned. I'll let them read a book. Play on computer, iPads, phones, etc. 
They will have chores. I want to get outdoors as much as they do. They can clean their rooms, help with dishes, put their clothes away. 
They can get lots of physical activity. We can walk, ride bikes, climb trees, swim. They won't be smothered in sun screen. 
They can eat eggs from our chickens, berries from our bushes, quick, easy, make it yourself lunches. Dinner might be as simple. 
We aren't driving to numerous places. Heading out for long, planned days. We'll run errands. I might let them pick the cereal brand. 
And in the end...they will survive. They will have fun. They will learn that simple is better. They will appreciate store trips and small fun filled trips and activities. An occasional drive in trip will be a joy. 
And if they hate will start again!!! 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Random sleep deprived thoughts!

It's summer in 'The View' which means cook outs, swimming, basking in the sun (lay off the cancer threat..I need Vitamin D) and.......summer colds. 
It's Day 5 of school's's past midnight as I write this so I'm counting it and both my kids have poison ivy and terrible coughing, hacking, snot-making, generalized miserable colds. 
This translates to the cold medicine fight. As if it's not hard enough to convince them to drink the damn cherry/grape/orange, liquid goo-syrup--they refuse. 
I've searched the med section of several drug stores and I swear if I could just inject it via hypodermic needle on them I would. 
The scene goes something like it.....cough, cough, cough, hack, choke, "mom I think I'm going to throw up I'm coughing so bad...cough, cough, cough". So like a good mother I search frantically for medications. I make a mental note to buy more up to date meds the next grocery trip. I ponder giving them three year-past expiration baby Tylenol then err on side of causion and head to pharmacy area of Hell-mart. 
Enter problem number 1--most cold/cough medications are liquid. My kids don't do liquid. Now mind you it could be 14 day old koolaid with mold and they'd skim that shit off and drink it but medicine--woooo, boy. No way. 
So starts the night battle. 
Me: take the medicine. It will help you.
Girl child: I just can't. I can't. I really can't. 
Boy child: oh my gawwwwddd I hate this stuff. 
Me: ponder clubbing them over the head to knock them out. 
Me again: "ok fine, don't take the medicine but go to bed." 
Me: doze off....which generally takes hours but of course not tonight. 
Kid: (either at this point) "Mommmmmmm (in voice that would wake the dead) I can't stop coughing." 
Me: take the medicine. 
Them: the war is on. No medication to be taken. 
Me: "ok then go back to bed'
Repeat this scene about 4 times
Me: ok, get some ice water, at very least. (At this point I'm fearing they will lose a lung) 
Me: doze off in 5 minutes of no coughing. 
Me: awaken to coughing in 6 minutes, but stay frozen in place thinking they can get their own water on their nightstand. 
Wrongo.......enter screams of Mmmooooommmmm. 
Me: take a drink. Take your medicine. 
Child which-ever: no. No medicine. 

I'm on hour two of this scene. It's getting old. I'm now perched in the hall between
Bedrooms reminding to take a drink and begging for them to take their cough medicine. 
At some point I'm taking the medicine so it will knock me out. If I fall down the steps just let me lay there. 

And someone please contact the makers of cough medicine and get that shit in a hypodermic needle to inject or flavor it like skittles or something. 
I'm tired

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sale at Mommy in the Dale booth #138

All furniture pieces are available at Saturday's Treasures fleatique in Mt. Pleasant, Pa. None are available for purchase through me. You have to go there and purchase. It is located in old VFW building, south of dough-boy. Many items are on sale for holiday weekend and to make room for new items.  

Pink bird dresser $150.00

Grain distressed small side chair $30

Orange ombré dresser $25

Small child sized chair $20

Large dining room side board $150 

Piano bench $30 

Lots of new pieces coming in. You have to stop in to see!! 

See more at 

Little round drum table

It's started as this 
It needed some repairs on bottom piece of drum so out came my boo-boo repair kit. 

I then pondered how to paint it and send more time on Pinterest then I did actually painting it. Here's some inspiration picks: 

I really liked the yellow but was afraid that would limit it's sale to a very narrow population.  I was also concerned about painting the top because it was laminate topped. 
So I settled on this: 

The top is 29 1/2 in circle. 
Stands about 28" tall. 
Perfect side table with turquoise pop of color. Bottom waxed. Small drawer is function. Cute piece! 
Located in Scottdale at my residence, but can meet locally. If it doesn't sale via private, it will go to my booth in about a week.