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Sunday, June 22, 2014

What I learned. 6/22/14


1. If a day ends and my kids aren't on a tv show on Mtv or TLC I think that translates to I'm doing a good job. 
2. MCM--man crush Monday, WBW--way back Wednesday or a WCW-Women Crush Wednesday, TBT--throw back Thursday, FBF--flashback Friday:    CHT---Carla hates these!!!! 
3. Taking my daughter to the flea market costs me way too much money. 
4. The douche bags who get monster energy drink tattoo's are going to look as stupid in a few years as those with Spuds Mackenzie tattoos now. 
5. Those "Hair club for men" commercials make the men seem like the world really opens up for them when they get hair. 
6. So teen boys cutting off their nipples is a thing now? Gross 
7. It's all fun & games at the Father's Day family picnic until punches get thrown. 

That's it so far this summer. I'm not trying to learn a lot!! 
'til next time...

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