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Sunday, June 29, 2014

6/29/14 what I learned


1. I hate whistling. It gives me a headache. My family whistles constantly. 
2. A new chia growing is gross. Looks like worms. 
3. I just can't do True Blood tv show anymore. I'm done. Done. Done. 
4. Tis the season of shaving. I'm a little sick of it. Hairy needs to come back in. 
5. I went to a b-day party at the reunion pavilion at Mammoth Park. This is the first year of no reunion. I left and cried because I miss it. Anyone in the Shaw fam want to help me do one next year? 
6. I've read three books in two days. I'm becoming one of those people!! I've also hoarding magazines to take camping.  

7. My kid were forced to go to a fair. I may (or may not...I'll never admit it!) dropped the 'f' bomb en route to the fair and insisted they will like it and have a good time. They complained the whole time. What kids don't like fair food? 

That's all...what have you learned?! Share!! 

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