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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summertime at The Coop

My children will have no plans this summer. 

I will not be making them do worksheets, giving sticker rewards to add up to bigger prizes.  They got straight A's in 2nd and 6th grade, so that's their reward. 

We will not do Idlewild and Kennywood. I refuse to pay full price for tickets. We have no special deal discounts, so that $200 day out is out. 

I'm not heading to Park n' Pool, Ligonier Beach, or any other high priced, "but they have a diving board" places.  They have a pool in the back yard, they will use it. 

My kids will not be filled with special lunches out. PB & J will suffice, just as it did for me. 

My kids days won't be filled with camps, day camp, night camp, swim camps, etc. They will be home. 

They won't be learning lots of new information from educational camps, special activities, and programs. 

Days won't be spent at the movies, museums, or Walmart toy section. 

At 8 and 12 I don't feel obligated to provide them with never ending activities, games, play. They can do this own their own. 

I will take them camping and to the beach, where I'm totally prepared to read, relax, and sun bathe. 

I'm not taking them on long hikes in mountains, long bike rides on the trails, and so forth. 
What they will have? 
An imagination to build club houses. A yard to play ball in. 
A field to explore. 
Bikes to ride in the road. 
A pool to cool them off and swim in. 
A mother whose home several days a week to allow them to sleep in. 
Books to read. 
Games to play. 
Computers and lots of Minecraft. 
A radio to sing along with. 
Tv to learn lots of SpongeBob lingo. 
A mom who no longer helicopters over them and their every move. 
Lots of 'make it themselves' food choices. 

These days were good enough for me and will be good for them. Kids need to be kids. We have to let them go. Let them grow. Days and nights spent outdoors isn't going to hurt. Can't find your shoes? It's fine. Go without. What might happen? A bee bite--life goes on. 
My kids are smart. They don't need constant reinforcement of what they learned. I'll let them read a book. Play on computer, iPads, phones, etc. 
They will have chores. I want to get outdoors as much as they do. They can clean their rooms, help with dishes, put their clothes away. 
They can get lots of physical activity. We can walk, ride bikes, climb trees, swim. They won't be smothered in sun screen. 
They can eat eggs from our chickens, berries from our bushes, quick, easy, make it yourself lunches. Dinner might be as simple. 
We aren't driving to numerous places. Heading out for long, planned days. We'll run errands. I might let them pick the cereal brand. 
And in the end...they will survive. They will have fun. They will learn that simple is better. They will appreciate store trips and small fun filled trips and activities. An occasional drive in trip will be a joy. 
And if they hate will start again!!! 

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