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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sad & Blue to Fancy & New

I wish I would have taken a picture as she was bought because she was a horrible shade of brown. The plastic kind of fake wood grain--just horrible.  I updated her a nice crisp shade of white and then she sat (well my kitty sat on her).

Kitty liked. Carla did not.

So some great heavy clearance curtain fabric was used to upholster. This was much cheaper than buying thick fabric at JoAnn's, even with a coupon.

So pretty now and available for your seating pleasure.
Contact me via cell at 724-989-0689 or email at

Monday, July 30, 2012

Currently available for purchase

Black Chair $25.00
Chair $25.00
Endtable/nightstand $40.00
Both for $60.00

Each chair is $25.00 The chair on the far right has a set of two that matches the table listed below.

Gossip Bench $50.00

Table/2 chair set $100.00 The fabric on the 2 chairs has been changed to the more neutral brown (see above chair photo)

Duck egg blue stand. $50.00

Chair $25.00

Union Jack desk/library table.

Granite 4 drawer dresser

Antique dresser
3 drawers/stained top

Zebra/tiffany blue desk/telephone table

For more information contact me via messages on here, or call 724-989-0689 or email

A commissioned chair upcycle & a new blogger: The story

A commissioned chair upcycle & a new blogger: The story.

Chapter 1
Meet a wonderful person who contacted me via Facebook STW.
Wonderful person comes to my yard sale in 100 degree heat and buys a upcycled bench.
Wonderful person gives me two chairs that she rescued from a garbage destiny.
Wonderful person buys the zebra fabric and gives me specs on finish she'd like.

Chapter 2
Meet the two chairs, that were rescued. So yucky (yes, yucky) with peeling paint.

Gold paint over old latex peeling paint.

Dirty chair cover. They were sad, sad chairs.

They cried, "Please help us be purdy again."

Author note:
1. Proof that all paint is not created equal.
2. Upcycle does require some skill. It isn't just slapping some paint on things.

Chapter 3
Ugly chair meets beautiful ladybug.
The ladybug brought good luck and just knew the chair would be beautiful once again.

Artistic pause in writing to take a million pictures of said ladybug on ugly chair.

Ok, back to the story.

Chapter 4
Reupholstery gone bad.

(Creativity interrupted by a lovely dog)

When you run out of staples---just use push pins???
Don't try this at home!

Chapter 5
Introduction of sassy zebra fabric. Upholstered the right way!

Chapter 6
Add Annie Sloan chalk paint in granite color.
Then dark wax to add depth to color with luster and sheen.
The sad chair is becoming happ, happ, happy again.
She shouted, "Look at my lovely details. They look so nice and don't even need gold paint to accent me."
Chapter 7
Put the sassy zebra pad on the new paint job and wow, the sparks fly.
Love at first site!

(Author note: Ignore the house in the backround that obviously needs cleaned!)

Chapter 8
Chairs get reunited with Wonderful person who owns them,
where they will live happily ever after!

The End!

(For more information in having your furniture get an updated upcycle, contact me at 724-989-0689 or

Tiffany Blue & Zebra~ Really does it get any better!

It started as a sad little old telephone desk that was a Craiglist find.

I was told it sat in a sewing room of an older Granny and was for sale after she passed away.
I believe pieces don't  mind a fresh update and I hope I made the Granny smile when she looks down on it.

Sample pod from Ace's bought with a $5.00 off coupon! (Score!!) The color is turquiose bay, but I'm renaming it 'Tiffany box blue'.

Floral padded cover be gone!

Little cubby for papers.
Add Blue chalk paint and clear waxed.

Add cheery pop of color and recover pad with sassy zebra and there you have it--it's ready for a teen or a trendy lady.

Desk top section has a piece of glass cut to protect the tops finish.

She's ready for her new home. 
Contact me if interested.