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Friday, July 20, 2012

testing, testing 1-2-3!

I feel like I am taking my first steps...teetering and holding onto furniture. But, instead of rushing to dear ol' mom or dad, I am rushing into blog land. (Which I hear is a lot like Alice in Wonderland, minus the mind altering substances.)
So where is the spell check button, is someone going to tell me if I mess-up or do I go on looking like a total idiot?
And...can I erase this crap if I don't like what it says or do I look like a maniac in the interwebs forever?
And pictures...I would really like to look all cool and stuff and show fabulous will I do that?
I could use a blog 101 and I'm sure there are classes on that but I'm too lazy to go so bear with me and it could get better...or there will be more of the same, either way I'm sure you are sitting on the edge or your seat, waiting with baited (or is is it bated) breathe for my next words of wisdom! (yes, I even type in run on sentences like the way I talk!)
So dear readers (which probably is just my husband, maybe my dad if I can introduce him to this and a few high school friends)....what next?
I guess I'll answer a question if you have one...or not.....maybe I'll just ignore it...either way, enjoy the read!


  1. I'll be your blogger stalker! Good job... You can do it! Make sure you post your weekly reflections! I love them!