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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What I learned. 9/28/14


1. The things to do list just keeps getting longer and time and money gets shorter. 
2. People are getting, more stupid! 
3. An hour smelling candles in a store calms me greatly. 
4. Is there a limit on how many times one can bath a day?!
5. I need Olive Garden pronto. 
6. The only way the hub and I will get a date is if takes a day off work and we go to lunch. 

That's it this week. Have a great one! 


Girl in the dale makes a YouTube debut

Sunday, September 21, 2014

What I learned 9/21/14


1. Sometimes I'm really good about writing down my reflections of things I've learned all week..other week...ah, this one...I get to Sunday and think 'where the hell did the week go?' And 'I don't think I can remember an hour ago, let alone a week of learnin'!
2. I'm totally marketing and patenting 'pocket Pom-pom's' because...well, just because. 
3. Good grief this girl child and I can fight in the mornin--especially on picture day because.." Wear the damn dress I want you to!" Then it makes me feel all bad and I find an excuse to take something into school to her so I can write a lil' "sorry, I suck as a mom letter." 
4. I'm def overusing "..."s this week...quotes and '...'---what are these called. 'whatev's'! 
5. Apparently when the boy child sees deer in a line he thinks conga-line? 😳
6. Thank you Mr. Mt. Pleasant police man for pulling me over.."no sir I have no clue why you pulled me over?"---why do they ask that---do they expect me to say "why officer, I'm a 38 yr old mother in a swagger wagon (ie Nope I just can't say it) with two kids in the backseat you want them or the useless hub who refused to drive...or the bottle of wine I'm toting to drink once I get home?" "Oh, my front driver side lights burned out...ok...I'll put that on my things to do list.....after I drink my wine!" 
7. Hey have I told you lately how much I love Dollar Tree??!!

That's it this week--have a good one!! 

Fall decor

Walk with me through a picture montage of my Fall decorations at my house. 

Porch. I got this chalkboard from a sweet ol' friend and I love it. I write various things on it. 

I had this bittersweet wreath and then just added three clip in sunflowers from my favorite store...the Dollar Tree. I like it simplistic statements on my teal front door! 
Why hello witchy!! With a black iron pumpkin on right. Three glass tea light candles in middle. Burlap runner. And two led color changing candles from
DT on each side of pumpkin. 
Hi little buddy! Tucked in my blankets over a ladder. 
There's another cute friend! 
Last little buddy on shelf. I love these little pumpkin bears! So cute. This is all in my living room. 
Living room fireplace. 
I love all these glitter pumpkins and things. Lots from DT and Dollar General. 
Put the glitter things on tea light glass holder. Three varying heights. Then added flat glass candle holders. DT items! 
The little purple pumpkin matches the owl. DG! 
 Shortest arrangement.  I love, love, love the maple sugar DG candles. Seriuosly good smelling.  Love them...go get you one (or several!) 

Last couple glitter pumpkins. 

Dining room door. I made the yard wrapped wreath last year with flowers. Then this year for Halloween I added a hanger I had to middle. I can take center out after Trick or Treat fun. 
Dining room shelf.  Aren't these beaded, shiny indian corns the cutest!! 
Another shelf in dining room. Halloween hanger and threw some leave arrangements in cups for shelf. On right of shelf is glass milk containers I put the scented beads in. I have a scent addiction. 
Ok so on another buffet I have a glass mirrored tray.  Candles. I love the mercy glass ones from TJ Maxx. Yes, those are clam shells. We just got back from beach. My parents gathered them early one morning. Around them are little acrylic plastic pumpkins. Little cuties! 
Centerpiece on dining room table. 
That's basically it. I have a few little things placed around in kitchen and bathroom but nothing too fancy. 

I love fall. It's my favorite time of year. 

Stop in my house for some tea and cookies and chat with me...see the stuff in person! 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Halloween wreath from DT goodies!

I was on vacation at the beach and got bored! I know, crazy but I don't relax easily. So I went to the local Outer Banks Dollar Tree. They had these awesome Halloween paper straws. I bought 6 packs. I cut the stripped ones in half.  I got two craft glues and one styrofoam wreath. It wouldn't have been my first choice for wreath backing but I used what the DT had. 

I went around the foam circle and glued down straws. 

Because the straws needed something to hold them down I used plastic water bottles. I was on vacation---supplies were limited!! 

I let it dry overnight. 

The next day I added more straws to overlap. 

Then I realized the foam back was way too thick so I grabbed a knife and chopped that sucker down! 

By the way... I totally packed that other half of styrofoam in my suitcase and hauled it home!! 

Added more straws. 

At this point the wreath sat on the table at vacation for the remainder of the week. 
Then I photoed it on wall...

Then it got packed and hauled back to Pennsylvania. 

It just seemed like it was missing something. The green styrofoam was showing in middle. 
So I pondered!!

I decided to add ribbon border to middle to cover ends of straw and wreath

Then the middle looked empty so I added a little pumpkin and called it done!! 
Total cost: $10.00

Inspirational pic dump