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Sunday, September 21, 2014

What I learned 9/21/14


1. Sometimes I'm really good about writing down my reflections of things I've learned all week..other week...ah, this one...I get to Sunday and think 'where the hell did the week go?' And 'I don't think I can remember an hour ago, let alone a week of learnin'!
2. I'm totally marketing and patenting 'pocket Pom-pom's' because...well, just because. 
3. Good grief this girl child and I can fight in the mornin--especially on picture day because.." Wear the damn dress I want you to!" Then it makes me feel all bad and I find an excuse to take something into school to her so I can write a lil' "sorry, I suck as a mom letter." 
4. I'm def overusing "..."s this week...quotes and '...'---what are these called. 'whatev's'! 
5. Apparently when the boy child sees deer in a line he thinks conga-line? 😳
6. Thank you Mr. Mt. Pleasant police man for pulling me over.."no sir I have no clue why you pulled me over?"---why do they ask that---do they expect me to say "why officer, I'm a 38 yr old mother in a swagger wagon (ie Nope I just can't say it) with two kids in the backseat you want them or the useless hub who refused to drive...or the bottle of wine I'm toting to drink once I get home?" "Oh, my front driver side lights burned out...ok...I'll put that on my things to do list.....after I drink my wine!" 
7. Hey have I told you lately how much I love Dollar Tree??!!

That's it this week--have a good one!! 

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