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Sunday, September 14, 2014

What I learned 9/14/14


1. I needs life like the grandpa in 'Charlie and the chocolate factory'. That never leaving the bed thing seems excellent.  
2. Why must every kid friendly food be shaped in something over than it's natural form.  Fruit snacks shaped like fruit. Real fruit shaped like squares. And dyno-shaped chicken nuggets.....don't get me started. 
3. It's annoying to me when people announce they are leaving the social media world. It's as if they need people to beg them to stay, if you truly want to quit and delete it, just do it. 
4. Funniest comment of the week from my sister in law while in my swagger wagon, admiring my stuff: "this is like hippie meets Lisa Frank". I'll take that as a compliment! 
5.  I've entered the "ma'am" stage of life. I want to go back to "Miss". 
6 I try to learn things every day, unfortunately it comes at the price of 'unlearning' some other, important bit of information. 
7. I'm the only person I know that takes a week vacation, completed 4 knitted scarves, 4 books, and read countless magazines. Thus proving my ADD. 


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