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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Grammy observations.

Watching the Grammy's and feeling very old. Here's my observations: ---~How did LL Cool Jay get this gig? 
~Good grief Beyonce your body is banging after child birth. I also saw your nipple and it kind of turned me on! And if that's the new hair look I can totally rock that every morning. 

~Pink is extremely artistic. And acrobatic. 
~I think the rap community is thrilled to have someone "Straight out of Compton" again. 
~Taylor Swift...needs to unleash her inner whore. The good girl act gets old. And hello front row dancing to Imagine Dragons/Kendrick combo.... This is why ever guy dumps you. 
~Lorde needs some dancing lessons or anti-seizure meds. I'm not sure which. 
~Paul McCarthy's face is straight up molded plastic. 
~Ozzy. It might be time to totally retire and head to elderly resort full time. Ozzy's response to this suggestion: "afthhuvgrghunfdnk" 
~Pharrell Williams:  Curious George called  and wants his hat back 

And if Stevie Wonder could have saw your second hat selection he would have told you to take it off! 
~how is Willie Nelson not dead? Weed: the ultimate anti-ager. And nice play on "Momma don't let your baby's grow up to be cowboys!" My Best highlight of night! Because let's face it. Cowboys---hot. Doctors and lawyers and such--not hot! 
~Kasey Musgraves-I have kitchen aprons bigger than your dress. You make trailor trash look good. 
~Beyounce/Jay Z could have totally blown the award show competition away if they just had sex and made baby number 2 on stage during "Drunk and in love" 
~Metallica: and suddenly I'm 18 again. (I liked the piano guy with it too a lot!!!) 
~Macklemore and LL- was there a sale on velvet suits somewhere? I missed it. 
~Did Madonna require that cane and were they helping hold her up? 
~Yoko Ono just won't go away will she! 
~Daft Punk needs to just take off the stupid helmets and thank people. I think people are tired of being their spoke person. 
~the best part of the Grammy's (as exciting as the whole mess was) was the ending. At 11:45pm. I couldn't have been happier to see the credits. I'm too old to stay up this late! 


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shabby chic side chair--sold!

Sold. See use at Photography by Joyce. 

Shabby chic side chair 

32 in tall, longest depth of 18in, width 20in. Petite size. Perfect for ladies make up table, bedroom, or little girls room. Very shabby, distressed, chippy finish. Glazed to highlight chair's details and then clear waxed. Reupholstered in pink floral fabric to complete the look. Reupholstered with new button tacks to add to look. 
Located in Scottdale, but willing to meet. 

See more upcycles/refinished furniture at Also see behind the scenes look at this refinish! 
Before: this was after cleaned and white chalk painted. 

What the heck is this stuffed with? Birds nest?! 

Before button tacks 

Glaze had to happen to make these cool details pop! 

Cool details. The hub thought this was destined for trash and wanted to pitch it several times but I had to save it. It had too many fancy cravings to ignore and throw away! 
Now this fancy gal needs a girl to take her home and love her!! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Leather weaved foot stool

Leather weaved foot stool 
Top of foot stool 14x11 inches. 
11 inches tall. 

Painted black. Distressed/sanded and then waxed. 

Weaved with various belted leather. 
Unique one of a kind upcycle. 
Located in Scottdale, but willing to meet. 
Price $35.00

See more furniture upcycles/refinished at

This was before! 

See more furniture available at

Small padded bench

Small padded bench.

23in wide at widest part, 25 in tall and depth if 15 1/2"
Painted with black chalk based paint, sanded smooth and clear waxed. 
New fabric cushion with matching stencil on back of seat and on padding. 
Located in Scottdale, but willing to meet. $50.00
See more furniture available at

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Little black stand. Sold!!


Little black stand 
26 inch tall, 27 in width, depth of 12. 
One drawer and both ends open to reveal a half circle sized cubby for storage. Perfect for an end table, bed side stand or hall table with a lamp. Unique shape and versatile piece. Painted in black, slightly distressed and waxed. 
Located in Scottdale but willing to meet. 

It's a chick thing dresser sold!!


It's a chick thing dresser 

Painted black and distressed for shabby chic look. 45 1/2 in tall, 27 in wide, depth of 14" 
Look completed with tree and three little colorful birds.  Neutral colors for boy or girl. Perfect in a hall way or game room too! 

4 small drawers on top, 4 large drawers on bottom. 

Birds sealed to protect and dresser is waxed for added protection. 

Available in Scottdale but willing to meet. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Mommy in the 'Dale is back!

After a several month hiatus I'm back!! And painting. Tonight's color of the Eve matches my mood toward this never ending Pennsylvania! 
Perhaps tomorrow I'll crack open a color if paint to match the expected weather...Snow White! 
For tonight here's a preview of projects 

I'm naming this dresser "It's a chick thing". It needs finishing touches of detail paint, sanding, sealing, and wax. I'm hoping to get it out of my dining room by the weekend! 

This may look like a 70's macrame nightmare but just wait until you see the upgrade! 
Love a good deal! A diamond in the rough! 

Thanks to the pampered chef knife that sliced through that rope. I'm not sure Pampered Chef will use me as a spoke person for sawing through macrame, but whatev! It worked when scissors weren't. 

Rounded out the mixed chalk paint of black on a small bench and cute little side table. The table got painted a shade of grey originally that looked purplish and I just wasn't digging it so classic black it went. Tomorrow I'll sand m, distress, and wax. And find some cool fabric to cover bench seat. 
Feels great to be painting, even if it's in my warm cozy dining room and not in the hot, sunny yard. Dreaming of a quick spring! 
Stay tuned for finished projects! 
Thanks for continued support!