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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dollar, dollar, tree ya all..

Dollar Tree Review 

I'm not going to lie, when I read from others online their love of this Dollar Tree deal I was more than skeptical. I'm a bit of a make up snob and like Sephora and I'm more of a chap stick girl. But come on these are $ worth a try! 
Well I was impressed, more than impressed that they were $1.00 

The mascara is smaller than a normal tube but it's perfect for my purse on days I'm running out the door late without make up on. It never smeared or! 

The lipstick. I bought in natural shine, because it seemed like best shade for me. It lasts well for the approximate two hours I had it on. No bleed, not dry, not too glossy. In fact mimics feel of chap stick. Once I got an ice tea at Mc D's (my favorite dollar deal!) there was lipstick on the straw, so I wiped it off my lips onto napkin. I was impressed the amount left. It didn't leave my lips stained or dry. 

So worth a try!! 

My next purchases were these: 
These are flexible and I thought they'd be great for camping toiletries and one for each kiddo of mine to take their plethora of crap back and forth for car trips. 
The other two: 
Pink and purple for the girl child's room. They are bigger and more rigid. Perfect for her make up and nail polish. 
Best thing: 
They all stack together nicely! 
Next purchase is: 
Foil backsplash. I thought it would be a good thing behind my bathroom sink...not a good idea. It doesn't stick and the foil has weird fold creases in it. Since I can't just throw anything away I'll use it as drawer liners. But seriuosly save your money. 
I got lots if ideas for things I wanted from Dollar Tree on Instagram. There's a whole  #dollartree posts. 
I really wanted these: 
But my Dollar Tree didn't have them. They are like EOS chap sticks but smaller! 
I'm thrilled The 'Dale got a Dollar Tree. I'll now refer to it as 'D. T.' because I'm cool like that. 
I'm not sure where the D. T. ranks over my love of D. G. (Dollar General) but my hub and the chillin's dislike the store, so I can roam the aisles mindlessly for at least an hour of peace and quiet. 
The last advice on D. T. I have: 
$1.00 steaks....Just. Don't. No. 
Seriously, that can't end well for your stomach. 

What do you like in The Dollar Tree...share so I can go back tomorrow!!! 

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  1. The Dollar Tree is my favorite dollar store!! I like the craft section, candles, office/school supplies, seasonal items, wrapping paper/gift bags, storage containers; basically, I love everything in there! This is how much I love The Dollar Tree: I've been lurking on your blog for a while, but now is first time I felt compelled to actually comment. All because of The Dollar Tree!!