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Sunday, January 27, 2013

1/27/13 Weekly Reflections.


1. My kids are in a whistling phase. It's all they both do, all day long. There's a constant whistling going on when they are around. You may want to buy or increase the stock in Tylenol.
2. The Manti Te'O stuff just keeps getting weirder and weirder.
3. I'm so sick of the "like us... If we get 1 million likes we will get a...." FB posts.
4. Does anyone really care if Beyonce lip-synced?
5. Red Devils food cake is not chocolate. And it was tasteless.
6. Nook needs to pay my friend, Rachel Butler-Pardi for customer service!!
7. Project freezer and clean out done....I'm going grocery shopping!

That's all for this week! Enjoy your week...let it, sunshine!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

1/20/13 Weekly Reflections.

~Happy Birthday to my Momma~ love you!

1. I always start off with good intentions of watching award shows (example: Golden Globes) and then I sit, stare, and wonder what the hell I'm watching it for.
2. It's amazing what you can pull out of cabinets and cook when you are broke.
3. It's also amazing how many times I burn myself when cooking. See, it's worth just ordering pizza!
4. Lance Armstrong is an asshole. Thanks for being such a good role model to lots of kids.
5. Is Manti Te'o really that desperate that he needed to turn to online dating? Sucka.
6. I often forget about Nutella. It's like a long lost best friend.
7. The Witch's tit is apparently getting very cold this week.
8. I'm feeling neglected of snow delays/cancellations.
9. Our house has became 24/7 Minecraft talk with my kids. It bores me. I never thought I'd miss the noise from them. But, it might be worse to sit in a room in silence with them while they play away.

That's all for this week. Can't wait for the Super Bowl--only to see the dance Ray Lewis pulls out!!
Share some of your reflections!

Pregnancy tests, lice kits, and drug tests....oh, my!

So I decided to clean out the bathroom cabinets this week one night I couldn't sleep. This is a peek into my mayhem and disorganization.
This is band aids that Amelia just got for Christmas in her stocking. Now granted there were only 10 in the pack, but really it was necessary to use 10 band aids between Christmas and now...because I do not remember any visible wounds on my kids.
However, it's completely necessary, apparently, to keep the empty box in the cabinet.
The other day I needed a band aid and NONE---not one, could be found in the whole house, however according to the next picture if I had a major bullet wound I would be good.
The Hoarders show called and said it's ok to throw out old toothbrushes. Really!
New, extra, back-up blow dryer...because if you ever killed your hair dryer in 10 degrees weather in the make sure you have a back up.
 Amazing how the girl child can't ever find cotton balls when nail polish needs removed!

Here's my proof for the IRS if they need to prove my chiropractor receipts. I take a freebie every time I'm there. Do I use them...ah, no.

Funny story....I went to Dollar General one day to get icy hot for my back. While there I had some on. A small boy was there with his grandmother, he turned to her and asked what the minty weird smell was.....I was way too embarrassed to admit it was me!

Paris Hilton perfume smells good, but then she makes me feel stupid by adding glistening lotion (i.e. glitter) to the package. And then I feel way too old to wear her perfume.


The next 2 pics are "What was I thinking?"
Number 1: black liquid eyeliner. If you are a girl and can master this magic you deserve an award.
Number 2: I wish I could say the camera distorted the color of this eye shadow, but no.
It's really this wonderful shade of teal.

This may border on TMI but I'm an open book.....why I have this much feminine products I don't know. I have an IUD and do not get periods. Maybe I'll save them for girl child....or better yet...make the kids use them as a band aides. Ok, look away from the pads and tampons and to the contact paper below them...
 Don't you love the 70's print of the cabinet liner. My dad made this cabinet, I'm sure my mom lined it with this contact paper. I don't have the heart to change it (really, I'm just too lazy to)!
1990 called and wants their curling irons back...I'm ready for this fad again!

Once upon a time I thought I would save money by doing my own pedicures.  Reality: it doesn't happen!
Sephora....every time I find a foundation I love (see left) you discontinue it, yet I hold onto the bottle praying you will make it again, or maybe I could squeeze out a few more drops.  Then I give up and find another there I like (see right picture).  This has color matching technology. Not sure how this magic works but I think it contains little elves that pour out and paint my face to match my skin completely! Love it!

Razors are the reason I don't coupon....seriously this is the extras....way too many.
Same issue with lip sticks and lip glosses....I'm much more of a chap stick girl....I love me some chap stick!
This is powder.  This is the exact replica of the power container that used to sit on the back of my grandmother's toilet. I don't use powder but will have this to remind me of her every time I open the cabinet!
The cabinet also had pregnancy tests, drug tests, and lice treatment kits in it....all for work and hopefully (I pray) none for my family's personal need!
I also threw out an entire garbage bag of junk...old medicine especially. Apparently I missed the memo that my kids aren't teething anymore and infant Tylenol probably is outdated for their age. I needed to remind myself what year it was...I think if it's from 2002 it's probably lost it's potency.
That's it...there's a peek in my bathroom cabinets.
 What weird things do you have? Save? Share some stories so I don't look so crazy!

Friday, January 18, 2013

New fun!!! Fess-up Friday's!!

I have a fellow blogger I follow and she does a fess-up Friday's post. I think that's an excellent idea! So here is the first installment.
I try to be as transparent as possible about myself with reserving some dignity. So here's my confession. I'm hoping you enjoy some juicy gossip about me! Of course, it would be fun for you to share some personal crap too, it's good for the soul!
~I have never smoked marijuana. Ever! Weird for some or perhaps not. I just never have. I am a huge disliker of smoke in general, so maybe that's why. I am curious about the effects and like a good pain pill after surgery if needed. But, I never smoked weed!!
That's it. Now you share....either your experience with marijuana or something completely different. Share on "fess-up Friday's"!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

1/13/13. Weekly Reflections.


1. Holy shit. Honey Boo-Boo has a chicken named Chicken Nugget and we have a chicken named Chicken Nugget! One more reason to love her.
2. The weather this weekend was unbelievable. Windows opened, clothes on line, yard cleaned up,and coop mucked. Perfect!
3. The kitchen floor could get scrubbed everyday. It needs it everyday I swear. Too bad Swiffer and I broke up.
4. The weekend plan of staying home all weekend long is getting a little boring.

That's all for this week for my reflections. Do you have any to share?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

1/6/13 weekly reflections.


1. Grumpy cat 'Terd' was funny for like, one week. Now I'm over him.
2. Bitches be needing some Girl Scout cookies!!
3. I look forward to the age when I can no longer complain about "girl" problems.
4. It's going to be a long 9 months of hearing about Kim and Kayne's baby bump.
5. People who park on the snow mountain parking spaces are just show offs.
6. This "broke as a joke" thing isn't so funny anymore.
7. Nothing's worse than cooking dinner and having your family look at it and ask what it is.
8. My parent's have high-jacked my FB account. So my swearing and naughty posts have decreased. If they ever figure out twitter I'll be entirely f'ed!

That's all for the 1st week of January. Weekends need to be 3 days. It can't be Monday yet!
Share some reflections you have.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

All caramel corn is not created equal.

Caramel popcorn.

Be still my heart. So easy.... Not healthy....but a whole lot more healthy homemade then the crap bought in stores.

6 quarts of popped popcorn (3-4 bags of microwave stuff)
2 cups of brown sugar
2 sticks of butter
1/2 cup of corn syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 teaspoon baking soda

Pop all the popcorn and put in casserole dish or roasting pans. Set aside. You can use the prepackaged microwave stuff, but it doesn't take Orville Redenbacher to make the real deal. Buy the popcorn seeds and put in brown paper bag. Fold the bag shut and put in microwave, around 2-3 minutes. Listen to stop popping and that's it. So much healthier without added preservers and fake butter in prepackaged stuff.
Next melt butter in large pot over medium heat.

Add brown sugar.

Added tip! Put your measuring spoons in a cabinet, labeled, on hooks. Keeps them right where you need them. No digging!
Add corn syrup. Listen I said this isn't the healthiest snack but, it's much healthier than store bought caramel corn. And there's a difference between corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup (that's in the store bought stuff)

Bring to a boil. Stir, boiling, for 5 minutes.
Take off heat and add vanilla and baking soda. Ohhh and ahhh as magic happens.
(p.s. don't be tempted to stick your finger in to taste the lovely smelling substance. It's hot. You know, I don't know from experience.... I heard (*wink, wink*) from a friend)

Pour over popcorn. Stir in and then put in a 250 degree oven for 1 hour. Stir around about every 15 minutes to coat evenly.
Then remove from oven, cool, then attempt to not eat it all.
Better yet, hand out immediately to neighborhood children playing in snow.....
Or else, you may find yourself doing this........
~Mommy in the 'Dale

Friday, January 4, 2013

A tragedy strikes the 'dale.

On January 4, 2012 in the morning a tragedy struck the 'dale area. According to WTAE news:

A state police trooper shot and killed a suspect with whom he reportedly had a violent altercation Friday morning at the Crossroads Plaza shopping center.
Yellow police tape surrounds an area outside a grocery store while the investigation continues at the shopping plaza, just off Route 819 in East Huntingdon Township, Westmoreland County. (SLIDESHOW: Photos from the scene)
Witnesses told WTAE Channel 4 Action News reporter Ashlie Hardway that the situation began inside Save a Lot, where a man was told to pay for snacks that he was eating. A witness said the man didn't reply when a clerk told him to pay.
Police said a trooper responded and was cut by the man on the head with scissors. The trooper then shot him near the store entrance, and he ran into the parking lot and collapsed.
"I just saw the fighting going on. It didn't last very long," witness Joyce Gales said. "Then I heard four shots. The man ran."
Police said they were first called to a nearby Walmart store after the same man was threatening employees there with scissors. He left and went to Save a Lot, where the fight and shooting happened, police said.
The suspect was identified as Seth O'Donnell. An Excela Health Frick Hospital spokeswoman said O'Donnell was pronounced dead in the emergency room. Without being more specific, police said he was from the area and had prior run-ins with authorities.
Police said the injured trooper was getting stitches for his cut and would be OK. His name has not been released.

We are quickly reminded by this event that our small town is not immune to problems. No one is protected wherever the road leads them. 

As a normal adult, curiosity and wonder often takes us to various news sources to learn facts. Sadly, this if often friends and facebook. While we realize that information is often speculation and rumor at this point, we will grasp on any information to learn more.

Curiosity often turns to fear as we start to connect pieces of a puzzle together. We wonder if victims or perpetrators are people we know. Could we somehow have a direct link to this event?  We start to worry about our loved ones and children. Is the school locked? Is someone I know hurt or killed?

Fear is then lessened when we find out facts. "Whew, no one I know." "Schools lock-down, good."

Then fear turns often to anger...."But, it could have been my sister, brother, child..." We ask ourselves why tragic events happen. As humans, we are quick to blame others.  We band together as groups like the NRA. We yell either for or against gun control.  We blame video games. We blame people, we blame systems, the government mostly. However, I am advocating we stop the blame. We turn and take responsibility. We recognize that human beings are dying. They are all our brothers and sisters, all children of us. We are all the same. We are people hurting and need help. 
We need to be watchful and help others when necessary. There is not one answer to problems. We need to turn to experts and listen. Shut our mouths and listen. Start to advocate and stop the hate.
We need to come together and use the skills we have for help. Stop running our mouths about gun control, video games, music, bad parenting, the list goes on and on.....blame. 
We need to stop the blame. We need to start the healing.

RIP Seth O'Donnell....I hope you have not died in vain, but yet as a lesson for all of us.
Thank you to the officers that put your life on the line to protect us.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Top Story Reflections

2012 reflections.

1. Who would have thought NHL stands for 'No hockey league.'
2. Snooki stopped drinking long enough to birth a child.
3. Jersey Shore ended and then the Jersey shore was washed away.
4. Lance Armstrong forgot he shouldn't do drugs, which stripped him of 7 Tour de France titles.
5. Jenn Anistan finally got engaged. Can we stop obsessing with her getting back with Brad Pitt?
6. Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana.
7. Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez split and neither wrote a song about it, however Taylor Swift may have.
8. Hostess died. I'm still in mourning.
9. Rihanna went back for a second round with Chris Brown.
10. William and Kate are expecting. I totally expect a TLC episode of A Baby Store on that.
11. Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy made parents afraid to send their children to school.
12. The Mayans failed at Calendar 101.
13. The couch jumping incident wasn't enough to keep Katie in love with Tom.
14. Honey Boo Boo made redneck-ognize popular.
15. Angela Jolie's leg may have became more famous than her.
16. Jason Russell had a good thing going with 'KONY 2012' but then he got naked and went nuts.
17. Men got more sex than ever, thanks to 50 Shades of Grey books.
18. Cannibalism went nuts in 2012.
19. Anderson Cooper finally admitted what we all knew, he is gay.
20. Penn State went crazy. Joe Paterno died and Jerry Sandusky went to jail.
21. Kristen Stewart still hasn't appeared more cheerful.
22. McKayla Maroney snarky look was found everywhere.
23. The Costa Concordia captain forgot how to drive.
24. As if we don't do enough stupid things, now we need to stratosphere jump?
25. Gangnam Style. Enough said.

So here's to a new year. Happy 2013. Wonder what top stories it will bring?!