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Friday, January 18, 2013

New fun!!! Fess-up Friday's!!

I have a fellow blogger I follow and she does a fess-up Friday's post. I think that's an excellent idea! So here is the first installment.
I try to be as transparent as possible about myself with reserving some dignity. So here's my confession. I'm hoping you enjoy some juicy gossip about me! Of course, it would be fun for you to share some personal crap too, it's good for the soul!
~I have never smoked marijuana. Ever! Weird for some or perhaps not. I just never have. I am a huge disliker of smoke in general, so maybe that's why. I am curious about the effects and like a good pain pill after surgery if needed. But, I never smoked weed!!
That's it. Now you share....either your experience with marijuana or something completely different. Share on "fess-up Friday's"!

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