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Sunday, March 6, 2016

3/6/16 what I learned this week.

3/6/16. What I learned. 

1. My children have no sympathy when I have a headache. 
2. Correction to number 1: my children have no sympathy when I have a headache that isn't related to drinking. 
3. Next time I have a headache I should just start drinking. 
4. Number 3 is an excellent lesson. 
5. Have I told you yet how much my friends and family rock? Two surprise parties--two? 
6. Never be the one of leave in the middle of a comedians set. Poor Michelle! 
7. Just the mention of a 70 degree day in the week has me all smiley. 
8. My plan is to go back to work in August when the kids go back to school. Can I die of boredom before then? 
9. Is boredom a diagnosis-able condition? 
10. Are the bad choices I make as a result of number 9 diagnosis-able?! 
11. Am I just fucking crazy? 
12. All signs point to yes for number 11. 

That's all for this week folks. Tune in next Sunday for this train wreck/shit show!! Until ya! 😘

Creepy wink confirmation photo. 

My friends think the best of me. 

Poor Barbie had on no panties.--maybe I didn't either. You'll never know! 

Not only am I surprised with a party at a comedian show, I won the 50/50! 

No nights complete without the drunk selfie. 

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