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Monday, March 14, 2016

What I learned 3/13/16

What I learned 3/13/16 
1. Sunday night is a bad night to do these. I often forget. (Ps...this was written Monday. I'll cough this day up in next weeks blog to not learning anything.) 
2. I don't understand people who don't like being outside. 
3. Peach BlueMoon beer is ridiculously good. 
4. I might need an AA sponsor. 
5. My children are trying to hook my sister in law and I up with rich brothers. I'm game!...know anyone?? 
6. When people have more than two kids do they ever get a chance in their home to have zero emotion, moody kids. 
7. People apparently hate when I'm tired. I'm much more sarcastic. 
8. Who thought of this time change bullshit anyway. Good grief momma needs her sleep. 
9. I really need a job if for no other reason than socialization with other adults and take lunches. 
10. I'm done with school for the kids this year. It can be summer break. I hate mornings. 

That's all this week. It was pretty boring. Until next week....

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