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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekly reflections 11/18/12


1. I escaped having a hubby that snores, only to have a cat and dog that sleep with me and snore.
2. I am in full Christmas crafting mode. I'm armed with a glue gun and not afraid to use it.
3. I bought a sewing machine last Christmas. I can't sew. Even opening the box has intimidated me, so I haven't.
4. Someone teach me to sew!
5. Or crochet. I never mastered that either. Again, I am the master of the glue gun, however!!
6. My best reflections come at 5am when I can't sleep and no one brings me the Sheetz hot dog I requested.
7. It's amazing how exhausting relaxing is, thus requiring a nap.
8. I need to see a bear in the woods.
9. An entire pumpkin martini would certainly kill you.

That's all for this week! Enjoy your turkey dinner day prep and remember to be Thankful then eat like a hog!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekly reflections 11/11/12


1. My medication was changed and now I have acne like a 15 year old. Lord, help me!
2. The girl child had a dental and doctor appointment all in one day. She rocks!
3. My kiddos are super smart--which is good, because they are my retirement plan.
4. Well, pinterest... Since another wedding out of the question...I'm forced to have another baby due to all the cute ideas.
5. I must introduce Rich to pinterest (reason: see number 4!)
6. My dog is getting more gimped by the day.... This makes me super sad and anxious.
7. Why do people travel to various far out locations to hunt? There is a monster buck in Kingview... I know this because I almost had it...with my vehicle.
8. Dad's party was a success, and neither he, nor I cried. This is a Keefer accomplishment.
9. We are headed to The smokey mountains for vacation next summer... It's not the beach, but I'm promised I'll enjoy it... I better see a bear in the woods.
10. This week better fly cause I'm a free women this weekend....deep creek here I come!!!

That's it for this week. What have you learned? Share!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekly reflections 11/4/11


1. If I'm in my bedroom on FB it's says I'm in Everson. In my living room, Scottdale. Weird.
2. The boy child lacks enthusiastic holiday apparel.
3. I know nothing about wine, but can pick out beer like a champ. Or wine if it has a cute rooster on the label!
4. I clean my house everyday, yet it never looks like it.
5. I always need to watch the last few minutes of the prior week's 'Walking Dead' to remember.
6. Looking at old pics makes me desperately want another baby and cry that my kids will never know my grandparents. They were so great.
7. The boy reached a new low in putting his pants on backwards.
8. When Christmas stuff is out in the store, I want to decorate at home.

That's it for this week. Share some reflections with me!