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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekly reflections 11/18/12


1. I escaped having a hubby that snores, only to have a cat and dog that sleep with me and snore.
2. I am in full Christmas crafting mode. I'm armed with a glue gun and not afraid to use it.
3. I bought a sewing machine last Christmas. I can't sew. Even opening the box has intimidated me, so I haven't.
4. Someone teach me to sew!
5. Or crochet. I never mastered that either. Again, I am the master of the glue gun, however!!
6. My best reflections come at 5am when I can't sleep and no one brings me the Sheetz hot dog I requested.
7. It's amazing how exhausting relaxing is, thus requiring a nap.
8. I need to see a bear in the woods.
9. An entire pumpkin martini would certainly kill you.

That's all for this week! Enjoy your turkey dinner day prep and remember to be Thankful then eat like a hog!

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