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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekly reflections 9/30/12


1. Ok, enough about my pop addiction.
2. If a man wears his shirt unbuttoned and I can see a nip--it's disgusting.
3. Operation fall/winter clothes exchange complete. Not sure which is more depressing: the amount of clothes I can't fit or the number of Pens shirts Rich won't be wearing.
4. Sunday's with no Steelers, no True Blood, and no Walking Dead is boring.
5. The boy child owned up to disbelief in Santa, Easter bunny, toothfairy (which he told us we suck as because we forget!) and fairies. As I was about the shed a tear, he gleefully told me not to worry he still believes in Bigfoot and ghosts.

That's all for this week. What do you have to share?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A boy in the 'Dale needs his sleep!

So the boy child stayed up all night and what we have here is a run down of the day! Seriously, every place the child was today..from the porch, to the car, to a birthday party, he fell asleep. He was a walking picture of narcolepsy. Here's his day!

Weekly Reflections 9/23/12


1. I'm diagnosing Prince with the Michael Jackson syndrome. Dude, you're getting weirder & weirder.
2. Will I ever go to the store and leave without forgetting something?
3. I super duper extra love, with a cherry, on top fall festivals.
4. It's amazing how crunchy leaves make me happy.
5. I can handle 8 girls at once, it's the adding 1 boy to the mix that makes it all go bad.
6. It makes me smile collecting eggs. That amazes me every time too!
7. According to my BH& G mag:people who regularly enjoy chocolate weigh 5-7 pounds less than those who skip it. This is according to a University of California, San Diego study. Seems like a good enough reason to me to eat it! Bring on the chocolate!
8. I have 6 chickens. 5 are always around each other, one is always off in its own chicken world.
9. Boy child, much like his momma, can sleep anywhere!
10. Never post a picture with the "f" bomb in it to your blog, it upsets your parents! tee-her Mom & Dad!

That's all this week. Share some reflections you have!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekly Reflections. 9/16/12


1. That Scottdale parking meter man is all ninja like. I think he's training to be a sniper or something. Park and then bam... There he is! Geez, give me a minute to pull out my stinkin quarter.
2. When I have a cold, I swear boogers invade my brain and cause misfiring to occur.
3. Man, that Junie B. Jones kid gets annoying.
4. When you sit down to turn in your reports they are no where to be found on your computer. Fast forward a week and several hours at Barnes & Noble just killing time on your computer and bam, there they are!
5. A night without our kiddos we decided to do dinner and a movie. However instead of going out it was staying in with chicken sandwiches from McDonalds and I couldn't have been happier!

That's all this week--I told you I have a booger brain! Enjoy your week and share some things you've learned.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekly Reflections 9/9/12


1. Walmart pharmacy stinks. I miss Burn's. Walmart always loses scripts or doesn't have what I am prescribed and I have to wait.
2. My brain is one log in/password remembrance away from exploding.
3. My pets are the only ones who are happy to see me, I swear.
4. Waking with a cat on my head is not the type of pillow I longed for.
5. Shots in my back did nothing to help.
6. Someone hide the self tanner from Snooki or hope her baby has some jaundice.
7. Chickens running is the funniest thing ever!
8. A broken/cracked straw ruins the whole drink.
9. I do not like Sunday night Steeler games. It ruins my Sunday night ritual.
10. I am tired, very, very tired of being a social worker. I'm one bad client away from seriously quitting and living in a cabin in the woods away from civilization. For realies!

That's all this week. What have you learned?! Share!

Friday, September 7, 2012

A bloggity game!

Here's a sneak peak of fabric. Guess what's it going to be used for and I'll give you a $25 gift certificate to any up cycle!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Still available for sale

Inventory clear-out to make room for new!
Chair reduced to $80.00

side table $30.00

same side table, different set up

Duck egg blue stand
28 in. tall, 13 1/2 in depth, 23 1/2 in. wide.

26 in. tall, 27x40 in. top

black 4 drawer dresser
36 in. long, 29 in. tall, depth of 18 in.

3 deep drawer dresser
Chalk painted with pink tone

Tiffany blue/zebra print gossip bench/Desk

Picture pages, picture pages, now it's time for picture pages

.......................Time to grab your CRAYONand your pencils! (Bill Crosby--holla!!)
So, I am a waste-not kind of gal, I'm sure by now you know that.  I prefer "Waste-not" over hoarder, so A &E step back!
Anyway, when I paint with chalk paint, which is priced like liquid gold, I am not eager to simply wash the excess paint on my brush down the el'sinko, so......I use the excess to dry brush frames that I have or buy mucho cheapo and upcycle pictures!
Perfect solution. So I give you the art show of September 2012, priced at "starving artist' prices-minus the cheesy "Starving artist" tv commercial.
vintage picture boy/girl

picture with pussy willows


14 x 12
shed with flowers

vintage picture
7x 10


and a wreath made from vintage music sheets

A beachy makeover

It started as a simple, all wood side table.  Very "blah!"
Good bones, bad, outdated look.

Add one coat of homemade chalk paint in a crisp white tone.

Add second coat (paint dries very fast.) It's ok to have paint brush marks. I used a cheap throw away brush, it will all sand smooth.

Already better!

Taped off a line and handpainted a Number 3.

I added thick rope and the top resembles a lifesavers paint.
Hand sanded to look worn and then clear waxed to add shine and luster.
I have a new wax that is scented lemon verbena. I love this--it adds a pretty, subtle scent.

Table is available for sale. It stands 20 in tall, and 12 in top.  Perfect for your side table for coffee or tea. 
Located in Scottdale, but willing to meet.

What I learned at the beach! Vacation 2012

1.  Overcast, cloudy weather is perfect. No sunburns and no sunshine headaches!
2.  Boy child is scared of crabs.
3.  All it takes to blue crab fish is string, chicken, and a net.
4. Crab fishing is very fun, but scares me that kids will fall off dock.
5. Beach sand does wonders for summer feet.
6. There are no shark teeth finds on the beaches of the Outer Banks, however there are shark egg casings.
7. There are also no good shell finds at OBX.
8. Myrtle Beach is better for both of the above.
9. When you go from the ocean, to the pool, to the hot tub....You will still want to shower.
10. Yes it is possible to get sand "up there."
11. When children get sand-rubbed/chaffed crotches, they walk like ducks.
12. When you run a red light because your husband and GPS are yelling at you, act sad and stupid and start pulling out directions and maps and the sheriff that pulls you over will be helpful (even if you know exactly where you are going) and it will get you out of a ticket.
13. I don't recommend Number 12 as a trial and offer no refunds if you are unsatisfied with your results.
14. However, the said police/sheriff pulling you over it a perfect silencer for your children.
15. The GPS is a total bitch when she has to keep recalculating. She should be able to read my mind, it's 2012!
16. You've never had donuts until you've had Duck Donuts, Oh, my!
17. The beach is a great inspirer for beach refinished furniture---see my next upcycle!