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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekly Reflections 9/9/12


1. Walmart pharmacy stinks. I miss Burn's. Walmart always loses scripts or doesn't have what I am prescribed and I have to wait.
2. My brain is one log in/password remembrance away from exploding.
3. My pets are the only ones who are happy to see me, I swear.
4. Waking with a cat on my head is not the type of pillow I longed for.
5. Shots in my back did nothing to help.
6. Someone hide the self tanner from Snooki or hope her baby has some jaundice.
7. Chickens running is the funniest thing ever!
8. A broken/cracked straw ruins the whole drink.
9. I do not like Sunday night Steeler games. It ruins my Sunday night ritual.
10. I am tired, very, very tired of being a social worker. I'm one bad client away from seriously quitting and living in a cabin in the woods away from civilization. For realies!

That's all this week. What have you learned?! Share!

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