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Sunday, September 2, 2012

What I learned at the beach! Vacation 2012

1.  Overcast, cloudy weather is perfect. No sunburns and no sunshine headaches!
2.  Boy child is scared of crabs.
3.  All it takes to blue crab fish is string, chicken, and a net.
4. Crab fishing is very fun, but scares me that kids will fall off dock.
5. Beach sand does wonders for summer feet.
6. There are no shark teeth finds on the beaches of the Outer Banks, however there are shark egg casings.
7. There are also no good shell finds at OBX.
8. Myrtle Beach is better for both of the above.
9. When you go from the ocean, to the pool, to the hot tub....You will still want to shower.
10. Yes it is possible to get sand "up there."
11. When children get sand-rubbed/chaffed crotches, they walk like ducks.
12. When you run a red light because your husband and GPS are yelling at you, act sad and stupid and start pulling out directions and maps and the sheriff that pulls you over will be helpful (even if you know exactly where you are going) and it will get you out of a ticket.
13. I don't recommend Number 12 as a trial and offer no refunds if you are unsatisfied with your results.
14. However, the said police/sheriff pulling you over it a perfect silencer for your children.
15. The GPS is a total bitch when she has to keep recalculating. She should be able to read my mind, it's 2012!
16. You've never had donuts until you've had Duck Donuts, Oh, my!
17. The beach is a great inspirer for beach refinished furniture---see my next upcycle!

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