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Sunday, August 31, 2014

What I learned 8/31/14


1. When there's a crazy acting person around it's best to just leave.... But you should probably check to see if they hit your car before you leave. 
2. It's a said time in music when Ariana Grande opens the VMA's....."ohhhhhhhh" {in voice of Cat}. 
3. Can I get a "a Thank you Lord". The kids went back to school. 
4. I've concluded that laundry will never be all caught up in this house. 
5. I get so tired of my bedroom being the dumping ground for everyone's crap. 
6. Kids in general, but helpless babies for sure never deserve to be abused. I'll never understand this. Ever. 

That's all I learned this week! Have a good one. Be blessed. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Boys gift!

Boys gift for an 8 yr old! 

What I learned 8/24/14


1. Funny how as we round the bend to September, everyone gets all October happy. October has became  like a holiday, with pumpkin everything! 
2. Breath-right strips gave me a panic attack feeling like I couldn't breathe. Not sure that's how they are supposed to work! 
3. My kids caught "the asshole crazy" virus this past week, can I get an Amen for school Monday. 
4. Funny how when there's a chicken wreck in WVA, people think it's me! 

5. Although, if you were at my house this week when a hawk was after my chickens you would be certain I lost my damn mind. 
6.  It's a $12,000 fine for killing a hawk. I'm on a covert mission to figure 'other' ways to rid this problem. 
7. I still might go all 'Annie Oakley' *wink, wink*. 
8. If you put together number 6 & 7 and understand--you are my kind of people!!! 
9. Ok ice bucket challenge just needs to stop now. 

That's it for this week....enjoy!! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Shhhh... Don't give me no lip... Lippie review!

If you know me personally, you know I'm addicted to Chapstick. There's no rehab for this, so no need to look but if you plan an intervention bring cupcakes. 
Anyway I was always a Chapstick chic, then I found Dollar lipsticks that rock. Lipsticks just dress up those flip flops I wear all summer (pfffff... High heels!) 
So after many hours wasted away watching Dollar Tree haul videos on YouTube I figured I'd give those $1 goodies a whirl. 
And then I fell in love. Don't stress.... I still sleep with chapsticks, we have a relationship like that (hello, I put on chapsticks at night....get your mind out of the gutter!!)  
So I reviewed lippie products on my YouTube channel, see my Mommy in the Dale channel for that if you don't like reading words and all that. 

First review: L.A. Colors 2/1 pack of lip glosses. Bought Red nude & stolen kisses ( stolen kisses is the trendy peach and purple colors) 
Sad to report I hate them. Too gooey/ goopy, you need to use too much product to get color then it slides out of your lip lines. Nothing says classy like purple toned lip gloss nearing your nose and chin. I really disliked them. Save your $1! 
Next up L. A. Color lip them! Dollar Tree and Dollar General both have $1.00 shades and they are so worth the $1.00. Like skip lunch, buy lip stick instead worth it. They cover well, last long, stay put and great colors. 
It's becoming ridiculous the amount I have. But really they compare to much more expensive brands. Not sticky. Not too glossy, not too matte...perfect! 
Still love the chap stick type products. Love the mini Revos, like EOS but mini... Who doesn't love little minis... Unless it's ice cream! 
I'm still a fan of EOS and I have them on my night stand. They just look funny being carried in a that a Chapstick or are you happy to see me weird sized. 
I like the Donna Michelle cutie lip gloss that's supposed to be red velvet flavored. It's not but still ok. I like my soft lips and Burt's Bees too. Again, I have a chap stick addiction. There's no rehabs for this but if you'd like to hold an intervention, bring cupcakes! 
Last thing I like is the L. A. Colors pencils. They are an all in one--could be blush, eye shadow, or lipstick product. I'm all about saving money but using one stick on all three facial areas is just weird. I like and only use it on my lips. 
So that's it...that's my lip review. 
Watch my you tube channel for more info. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

You tubing it......

So I've been intrigued by people posting all the cool things they find at the D. T. (Dollar  Tree) so rather than take a million pictures of my stuff I've hauled home I made a video vlog. Watch it here.....

Be patient and nice to me....all this linking and stuff is all new to me 

What I learned 8/3/14


1. How is it freakin' August? And where the hell is summer? 
2. Still no monkey. 
3. Back to school shopping has commenced. 
4. Why do I have an addiction to stationary/back to school products. I'm a grown ass women but I NEEEEED glitter, smelly, gel pens. Ridiculous. 
(Or not. I'm totally justifying doing my paperwork in them. Won't my visa bill look so pretty writing out that minimum payment this month!!) 
5. My new saying for True Blood is "another one bites the dust". Little by little everyone dies off. 
6. I just know the death of me will be when I'm ran over by a morbidly obese person on a driving scooter at Walmart. 

That's it for this week. What have you learned? 
'Tis very true!