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Sunday, August 24, 2014

What I learned 8/24/14


1. Funny how as we round the bend to September, everyone gets all October happy. October has became  like a holiday, with pumpkin everything! 
2. Breath-right strips gave me a panic attack feeling like I couldn't breathe. Not sure that's how they are supposed to work! 
3. My kids caught "the asshole crazy" virus this past week, can I get an Amen for school Monday. 
4. Funny how when there's a chicken wreck in WVA, people think it's me! 

5. Although, if you were at my house this week when a hawk was after my chickens you would be certain I lost my damn mind. 
6.  It's a $12,000 fine for killing a hawk. I'm on a covert mission to figure 'other' ways to rid this problem. 
7. I still might go all 'Annie Oakley' *wink, wink*. 
8. If you put together number 6 & 7 and understand--you are my kind of people!!! 
9. Ok ice bucket challenge just needs to stop now. 

That's it for this week....enjoy!! 

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