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Sunday, August 31, 2014

What I learned 8/31/14


1. When there's a crazy acting person around it's best to just leave.... But you should probably check to see if they hit your car before you leave. 
2. It's a said time in music when Ariana Grande opens the VMA's....."ohhhhhhhh" {in voice of Cat}. 
3. Can I get a "a Thank you Lord". The kids went back to school. 
4. I've concluded that laundry will never be all caught up in this house. 
5. I get so tired of my bedroom being the dumping ground for everyone's crap. 
6. Kids in general, but helpless babies for sure never deserve to be abused. I'll never understand this. Ever. 

That's all I learned this week! Have a good one. Be blessed. 

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