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Sunday, September 7, 2014

What I learned 9/7/14


1. So making sure you don't step on condoms in Walmart parking lot is a thing now? Total yuck. 
2. If you try to say to your mother you have very exciting news, she'll assume you are saying you are pregnant. Not that you found a Dollar Tree while on vacation. Sorry momma, Rich said no more kids. But the monkey I get will be an excellent, grand-monkey?! 
3. I'm nocturnal. 

4. B12 shots give you amazing energy, but I never can sleep the night after I take it. 
5. This whole back pain issue sucks ass. 
6. iPhone screens that are cracked will slice your finger. Now I patiently (yes, if you know me you'll know patience isn't my virtue) wait for the new 6 to be released. 
7. It's crazy that at 38 I fight over cool pens, stationary, and Lisa Frank stuff with my 9 yr old. 

That's all folks...enjoy your week! 

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