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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Halloween wreath from DT goodies!

I was on vacation at the beach and got bored! I know, crazy but I don't relax easily. So I went to the local Outer Banks Dollar Tree. They had these awesome Halloween paper straws. I bought 6 packs. I cut the stripped ones in half.  I got two craft glues and one styrofoam wreath. It wouldn't have been my first choice for wreath backing but I used what the DT had. 

I went around the foam circle and glued down straws. 

Because the straws needed something to hold them down I used plastic water bottles. I was on vacation---supplies were limited!! 

I let it dry overnight. 

The next day I added more straws to overlap. 

Then I realized the foam back was way too thick so I grabbed a knife and chopped that sucker down! 

By the way... I totally packed that other half of styrofoam in my suitcase and hauled it home!! 

Added more straws. 

At this point the wreath sat on the table at vacation for the remainder of the week. 
Then I photoed it on wall...

Then it got packed and hauled back to Pennsylvania. 

It just seemed like it was missing something. The green styrofoam was showing in middle. 
So I pondered!!

I decided to add ribbon border to middle to cover ends of straw and wreath

Then the middle looked empty so I added a little pumpkin and called it done!! 
Total cost: $10.00

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