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Sunday, August 25, 2013

What I learned 8/25/13


1. I need to come to terms with the fact that my ADD will never let me sit still long enough for nail polish to dry. 
2. 6 chickens poop a lot. 13 chickens pooping is damn near a full time job to keep up after. 
3. The children and school districts have some sort of timeline agreement to send them back to school just as they are facing severe beatings from their parents for being annoying. 
4. Apparently a 4 yr old and a 11 yr old of the opposite genders, can fight over the same toy.  
5. According to Reddit, there are a substantial number of hedgehog owners. 
6. I'm officially old when I watch the VMA's and one-don't know the majority of people and two-sit there with my mouth open wondering how they can show this on tv! 
7. I need to remember how much painting helps relax and clear my mind. 

That's all for the week. Enjoy the first week back to school!! Try to sober up before the bus comes in the afternoon! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Kennywood, Oh Kennywood..what can you teach me?!

Kennywood learns: 

1. When you duck on pgh plunge you don't get as wet. 
2. When you don't want stuck under the waterfall on raging rapids, you'll get stuck. 
3. My kids went 11 and 8 years without riding raging rapids. I could have continued that streak.  But thanks, Mikayla. 
4. My kids are old enough to send on the rides alone. I stand in line with them then exit as they get on.  This is great until they beg and wear me down to just ride "this one time with us." 
5. Walking in wet denim shorts with
Wet undies sucks. 
6. I love seeing the ghetto fab outfits. It's better than rednecks at Walmart. 
7. People get some funky bad tattoos. 
8. When someone pukes on a ride its referred to as a "guest illness" and they close the ride briefly. 
9. I'd hate the "guest illness cleaner upper job"
10. It doesn't matter what shoes you wear, your feet will hurt. 
11. I can't do open to close like I could when I was younger. 
12. The funnel cake/ice cream/ strawberry/whip cream "gluten on a plate" might look good but your tummy will disagree. 
13. Teen couples walking hand and hand around the park isn't as cute as those country music videos. Think much, much more awkward! 
14. Water is free and when it's hot you'd gladly pay but be overly pleased when it's free!
15. Potato Patch fries always seem worth the wait in line. They usually aren't. 
16. Matchy, matchy outfits aren't cute-no matter what the age. 
17. Old men looking at young girls at any place is creepy. 
18. The exterminator should not be ridden with kids. Oops! 
19. I've gotten to "The Pirate Ship is too wicked" age. 
20. My daughter will never be tall enough for The Volcano. 

Example of ghetto fab pants! 

Summers ending.

Today's the last day of summer for the kids. Monday school starts. It's been a nice summer. My kiddos have spent most of the summer with their cousins, Seth and Caroline. We've done the ol' switch and share for childcare this summer and its worked out well. It's caused them to be much closer-almost like all brothers and sisters--- so I'll take the good with the bad! 

Electronics have kept my sanity when there's down time. 

Girls laying out! (Mikayla, Caroline, and Amelia) 

Lots of dress up days! Make-overs!!! My nails have been painted more this summer than when I was in high school! 


Play doh!

Picnics and family times! 

Kennywood -twice!!
Thanks carpenters and BEA picnic! 

Visiting Aunt Sal. She's a real crack up! 

Sleep overs and birthdays!

Family time at Rhodes' (you guys might be getting too old for these!) 
Hockey!! Even in summer! 
Road trips 
Prequel Isle, Erie, PA 

Swimming!! New pool and various spots! 

Rain!!! And a river/lake in our yard!! 
Breakfast and lunches outside!! 
Boy Scout camp for Aiden (no pics sorry!! I was an emotional wreck!) 

Pioneer park camping too! 

It's been a great summer. Now onto Fall! Camp fires and football and SCHOOL!!!! 

Sunday, August 18, 2013!

I'm on a mission to eat healthier and be environmentally more conscious about choices.
So has an offer of a free box of goodies that fit both of my missions.  It's only $7.95 shipping.  Anyone else have a good site or place in mind to purchase items. I go to Rosery Acres occasionally in Ligonier or the place in Greensburg....any other suggestions?   (Plus if wants to advertise on my blog...I'd totally dig that!!!)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Oh Chicken, sweet chicken.

Have I mentioned how much I love my chickens. I find people either love or hate chickens. I LOVE mine!! Here's a pic gallery of my feathered friends. 

Can you tell I love my chickens! They make me happy!