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Thursday, August 8, 2013

What I learned...vacation addition.

Things I learned on vacation  2013 version (Presque Isle, Erie PA) 

1. My children do not sit well for 1/2 drive in wet swim suits. They are cold, hot, itchy.....
2. A simple $2.95 toy can amuse both children in a hotel room. Amen for the $2.95 toy, it also saved my sanity. 
3. Hot tub and girl parts do not go together well chemically--ugh. 
4. If you have a destination in mind, reserve a hotel and save yourself the stress and anxiety. 
5. It's amazing the amount of reports and paperwork you can get done in a hotel room. 
6. My tummy can not handle
going out to eat every day.  Neither can my wallet. 
7. When the girl child cuts herself in the motel, you are unsure what to do with the bloody towels. (FYI we threw them away in the bottom of the garbage can and put trash over them). 
8. You either need to learn to trust the GPS or scrap it. 
9. Rich catastrophizes every simple thing. Especially driving directions. 
10. The girl child can go several days in a row without pooping, only to come home and get terribly sick from not going.  (Next time I'm making her sit until she goes) 
11. Vacation is fun but really, there's no place like home! 
12. I need a vacation to deal with vacation aftermath. donkey pic ever! 

Ohio, wagon trails park. Super fun ride through animal park. You can feed animals there. Watch out for food-stealing camel! And the zebras are mean! 

Presquel Isle, Erie PA

Hey family...stand in front of this green, yucky water and rusty ol' fake lighthouse...ok good smile pretty! 
Lady Kate 90 minute boat ride. 
Let the fear of motion sickness set in! 

Lazy kids in the hotel! 

Tom Ridge Nature Center--so educational and fun and FREE!! 
Kids learned a ton of stuff! 

The overlook tower. Don't look down or out Rich...nevermind just stay inside hugging the concrete wall!! 

Silly Amelia!

Silly Aiden!

And the best for last..... 
Seriously I could have brought this donkey home!! He would have fit right in! 
...until next year!! 

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