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Friday, August 23, 2013

Kennywood, Oh Kennywood..what can you teach me?!

Kennywood learns: 

1. When you duck on pgh plunge you don't get as wet. 
2. When you don't want stuck under the waterfall on raging rapids, you'll get stuck. 
3. My kids went 11 and 8 years without riding raging rapids. I could have continued that streak.  But thanks, Mikayla. 
4. My kids are old enough to send on the rides alone. I stand in line with them then exit as they get on.  This is great until they beg and wear me down to just ride "this one time with us." 
5. Walking in wet denim shorts with
Wet undies sucks. 
6. I love seeing the ghetto fab outfits. It's better than rednecks at Walmart. 
7. People get some funky bad tattoos. 
8. When someone pukes on a ride its referred to as a "guest illness" and they close the ride briefly. 
9. I'd hate the "guest illness cleaner upper job"
10. It doesn't matter what shoes you wear, your feet will hurt. 
11. I can't do open to close like I could when I was younger. 
12. The funnel cake/ice cream/ strawberry/whip cream "gluten on a plate" might look good but your tummy will disagree. 
13. Teen couples walking hand and hand around the park isn't as cute as those country music videos. Think much, much more awkward! 
14. Water is free and when it's hot you'd gladly pay but be overly pleased when it's free!
15. Potato Patch fries always seem worth the wait in line. They usually aren't. 
16. Matchy, matchy outfits aren't cute-no matter what the age. 
17. Old men looking at young girls at any place is creepy. 
18. The exterminator should not be ridden with kids. Oops! 
19. I've gotten to "The Pirate Ship is too wicked" age. 
20. My daughter will never be tall enough for The Volcano. 

Example of ghetto fab pants! 

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  1. This made me crack up! What is the volcano? Man, I haven't been there in AGES. Too much moolah!