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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekly reflections 4/21/13


1. I've set a goal to work as many hours as possible for the next several months to see if maxing out hours with clients helps them faster. Not sure of the outcome yet, but I do know I've been in client's homes more than my own lately.
2. I should know better than to ever wear white. I just can't function without getting dirty.
3. I'm in painting withdraw.
4. I dealt with March coming in and going out like a lion. I didn't think I'd have to deal with April doing the same.
5. I need to be in a tent. In the woods. Without cell service.
6. I'm like a momma waiting to give birth for my little chickies to be delivered.
7. Pool parties--my house this summer. It's ordered and waiting to be paid off to be installed--yea!!! Thanks BEA for the bonus!
8. Boston owned that man hunt. Good job and thanks for keeping lots of people safe. My sympathies to those who lost loved ones and have injuries.

That's all for this week! Enjoy your week!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A sample of some country samplers!!!

These are available for mother's day, anniversary or weddings and can be made in any sayings you desire.

Children/family are $5.00 per person with name underneath. For girls pick hair color and style (short, long, curly, straight). For boys decide on a ballcap or not and hair color. Pick an eye color for each person and for girls pick a skirt color.
If you want a name heading such as: 'Our Family' or 'Our Grandchildren' or 'The Rhodes' it's an additional $5.00. These come framed with a piece of country fabric backing (like pictured)

For the wedding/anniversary "sitting in a tree" they are $18.00

All samplers come framed and hand crafted by me, so they vary a little.

If you desire, any sayings can be made. Contact me for details and pricing.

Questions: email me at
Or call 724-989-0689


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Earth Day 2013

The girl child had a project to create something by recycling materials. Hello...I was born to help with this project!! Way back when (in a year I shall not announce) I was a card carrying member of SEAS (Southmoreland's environmentally aware students). I am proud to say I'm no longer a southmoreland student but I am very environmentally conscientious and aware. I recycle. I reuse. I have chickens for goodness sakes!! I'm all about preserving the earth! My kids have never saw me litter or litter themselves. I make them "leave it better then we found it" when we are leaving any place. We pick up trash. Like for real!! (hello, I picked up syringes with rubber gloves at my kids bus stop ----sad day).
So when the girl brought home the project directions I was all over pinterest!! I have an entire board dedicated to this project. I was eager to sit with her a pick a craft. So what happened?
The girl child looked up projects herself on the iPad. On YouTube! I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad! I never thought of looking there! So here's the project she picked. Unfortunately we cheated a bit. We didn't have pink spoons so we bought new at the dollar store. But it's a super easy/kid friendly craft!!
Remember to be nice and earth friendly everyday, not just on Earth Day!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekly reflections 4/14/13


1. What I learned this if I don't write down things I've learned throughout the week...I hit Sunday evening and have a total mental block.
2. I also learned that my son and husband make fun of my weekly reflections.

That's all for the week: I'm prescribed large doses of sunshine so let's see if that helps me remember to write things down for next week!

Have a good one!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekly Reflections 4/7/13


1. Has white trash suddenly became cool? Cuz I'm the Queen of that shiz.
2. I need some of the medication my neighbors on.
3. It can be 45 degrees and I'm all "let's go camping!"
4. Housework is easier when the sun shines.
5. My children are Easter candy ninjas. I swear I hide it and they can sniff it out.
6. Apparently a chicken can have a chapped hiney. Poor lady. I would not want chapped lady-parts.
7. I think when I retire I might have to give up my cabin in the woods for a trailer at Myrtle Manor. I'm gonna rock that blue hair.

That's all for the week. What are your reflections?