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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Earth Day 2013

The girl child had a project to create something by recycling materials. Hello...I was born to help with this project!! Way back when (in a year I shall not announce) I was a card carrying member of SEAS (Southmoreland's environmentally aware students). I am proud to say I'm no longer a southmoreland student but I am very environmentally conscientious and aware. I recycle. I reuse. I have chickens for goodness sakes!! I'm all about preserving the earth! My kids have never saw me litter or litter themselves. I make them "leave it better then we found it" when we are leaving any place. We pick up trash. Like for real!! (hello, I picked up syringes with rubber gloves at my kids bus stop ----sad day).
So when the girl brought home the project directions I was all over pinterest!! I have an entire board dedicated to this project. I was eager to sit with her a pick a craft. So what happened?
The girl child looked up projects herself on the iPad. On YouTube! I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad! I never thought of looking there! So here's the project she picked. Unfortunately we cheated a bit. We didn't have pink spoons so we bought new at the dollar store. But it's a super easy/kid friendly craft!!
Remember to be nice and earth friendly everyday, not just on Earth Day!

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